Kitchen Tips

Be an angel this Christmas with Mainland

Embrace the season for giving and treasure your loved ones with edible gifts. With the help of Mainland, we make it simple to put some delicious thought into your Christmas presents this year. But don't forget to gift yourself some well earned social joy, by relaxing with friends over a Mainland cheese platter.

Edible gifts

Homemade edible gifts not only let the receiver know how much you love them but also creates a fun, festive activity to make the most of this joyful season. Upcycle a cute jar or woven bag and all you need is a festive ribbon and a crafty little note, and magically the stress of Christmas shopping disappears!
These gingerbread cookies will not only make your house smell of Christmas but are also a great option if you are a beginner baker and want a fool-proof recipe that is undeniably delicious.
Great match with a cuppa, these cranberry, orange mini loaves have just the right amount of sweetness. Better still, these little loaves can be frozen so are perfect for the unexpected guest.
Last but not least, the vanilla pecan butter fudge will be a crowd-pleaser, so make two batches as it will disappear in a flash!

Grazing goodness

During this time of Christmas giving it's equally important to treat yourself, and what better way to wind down the year than a platter to share amongst family and friends, featuring Mainland cheese and some inspired flavour pairings.
Strong characters
Strong-flavoured cheeses, such as blues and award-winning Mainland Vintage Aged Cheddar, pair well with crisp fruits like apple and pear, sweet chutneys and dried fruits such as apricots and cranberries.
Creamy cues
Creamy washed-rind cheeses like the award-winning Mainland Double Cream Brie and Camembert have a velvety richness that is complemented by crusty bread or sweet and salty flavours. Serve with crunchy pistachios or walnuts, paté and a chunk of crusty bread, or sweet fresh fruit and honey.
Mainland Special Reserve Gouda, with its full-bodied, nutty flavours, pairs well with cured meats or charcuterie. Think ham, salamis and prosciutto for perfect partners.
Smooth and sweet
Mild cheeses such as Mainland Special Reserve Havarti and Cheddar have lusciously smooth, subtle flavours that make them a popular favourite. Serve the cheeses with sugary fruits such as golden sultanas, raisins or figs; or try pairing them with salty capers and marinated capers.
Serving tips
Serve cheeses at room temperature and provide a separate knife for each, so the blue doesn't taint the brie.