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5 eco-friendly and creative ways to wrap edible Christmas gifts

Ditch the cellophane this year and opt for an earth-friendly alternative for wrapping edible Christmas presents. Cute, plastic-free and totally reusable, these creative wrapping ideas are gifts in themselves that just keep on giving!

By Harriet Keown

1. Signed, sealed and delivered in a jar

When it comes to wrapping edible Christmas gifts, it doesn't get easier than popping your homemade treats in a jar and tying a ribbon around the top. Not only are jars a cute and aesthetic way to display festive cookies or truffles, but they are also a super practical option as they will keep your gifted goodies sealed and fresh for longer. Plus, the lucky recipient can reuse their jar time and time again for all sorts of purposes around the house – from storing dry pantry ingredients to taking leftovers to work for lunch.

2. Would you gift them… in a box?

Breathe new life into any old boxes you've kept throughout the year by up-cycling them into gift boxes! This could be a fun craft project for the family in the lead-up to Christmas – get creative with your re-decorating so your gift recipient will never guess that their box had a previous life. Line them with baking paper before layering your fudge or rocky road inside – then tie the lid on with some eco-friendly twine and a rosemary twig.

3. (Environ)mentally wrapping with furoshiki cloth

This traditional Japanese (and Marie Kondo-approved) wrapping method is supposed to act as an opportunity to still your mind and focus on the gift and the person you are giving it to – a mindful approach to gift giving and wrapping. In the furoshiki technique, fabric is artfully folded around the gift – which would be a perfect for hardier edible gifts such as gingerbread or biscotti. Go a step further by using tea towels to wrap your presents so your recipient will have an extra gift that lasts a lot longer than the delicious treat tucked inside!

4. Brown paper packages tied up with string

Brown paper bags don't just have to be used for school sandwiches or weighing mushrooms at the supermarket – they also make a much more sustainable alternative to cellophane bags for gift wrapping. Sure, you won't be able to see the tasty homemade goodies inside once you wrap them up, but a bit of DIY craftiness can make the humble paper bag just as cute as its cellophane predecessor. A bag full of Christmas bark or these candy cane pinwheels can easily be reused as either of the aforementioned brown-paper-bag stereotypes once the goodies are all gone.

5. Give the gift of new bakeware

Ultimate laziness is rebranded as eco-friendly and extra-thoughtful in this gift wrapping idea – as all it involves is whipping up a loaf of Christmas cake or fruit bread, smacking on a ribbon, then giving the entire dish to its recipient almost as soon as it comes out of the oven. It's a win-win – not only is it a cute and practical way to transport an edible gift, but it can be reused infinitely by its new owner, who has just scored a brand new loaf tin!