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Traditional custard recipes

Nail this culinary classic and you'll never go back to the packet variety. Custard is a beautiful dessert on its own, but it's also the starting point for pies, puddings, ice cream, trifle and cakes.

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    Baked custard

    Golden mini custards for high tea or dessert. Serve with cream, custard, or ice cream for an extra treat.

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    Custard tart

    Sink your knife into this beautiful dessert, complete with a smooth creamy custard filling and a golden, crumbly crust.

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    Rhubarb custard cake

    There's no other way to say it - this cake is magical! The way the simple batter settles into layers of custard and sponge seems impossible, and yet it works beautifully.

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    Custard tarts

    Please the whole family and yourself with these easy and tasty tarts, filled with sweet custard.

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    Baked custard

    Light and creamy, scoop your spoon through this beautiful vanilla spiced dessert, breaking through a perfectly baked top to reveal a smooth custard centre.

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    Brandy custard and brandy butter

    Make your Christmas or special occasion a little classier with this delightfully golden brandy custard and brandy butter. Make it in advance so it's ready to pour over pudding or a favourite dessert.

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    Doughnuts with vanilla custard cream

    Doughnuts are fun, fashionable and inexpensive when you make your own. A big batch costs about the same as one or two bought doughnuts. Virtually every cuisine in the world fries dough or batter to make sweet treats: churros, beignets, fritters, doughnuts… I don’t fry much, so if I am going to cook something in hot oil, it has to be worth the kilojoules, and doughnuts tick all the boxes. They look and taste like heaven and the recipe makes heaps so it’s worth the effort. A platter of fresh homemade doughnuts is a knockout for work shouts and ‘take a plate’ events. Serve dainty custard-cream-filled doughnuts when friends come over for coffee or have them as a delicious informal dessert. Glazed or ‘frosted’ doughnuts are the ultimate comfort food and will make a legendary treat for the kids – try different glazes such as coffee or chocolate, or get inventive with fillings (Nutella, jam, cream…). Doughnut Dough shaped into round doughnuts Photograph by Aaron McLean

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    Chocolate stirred custard with pikelets

    Indulge your sweet tooth with this decadent weekend breakfast of fluffy, golden pikelets with a creamy chocolate custard drizzle and a sprinkle of macadamia nuts.

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    Sour cherry custard cake

    The tartness of sour cherries makes this custard cake recipe very special indeed

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    Spotted Dick with Vanilla Custard

    Luca Villari makes himself a nice cuppa, catches up on his EastEnders and frets briefly about the weather. Nicely in the mood, he presents his ultimate English dish

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