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Top 10 family friendly dinners

Finding quick, family friendly dinners can be frustrating but research indicates that there are many benefits to eating together – kids get higher grades, develop healthy eating habits and the family forms positive relationships. Here are our top 10 family friendly dinners for you to enjoy.

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    Family favourite burgers

    December seems to be a time when the pace of life speeds up. At times like this it is good to have some favourite recipes that are quick to prepare and can be reheated to serve those who get home later. It's not all about main meals either - a couple of standby desserts may be just what everyone needs!

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    Junior-friendly pasta with easy sauce

    This is a quick and easy meal, great for kids. For picky eaters, try serving this meat sauce over quirkily shaped pasta and take out the chilli if you think this could be a problem.

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    Chicken Kebabs

    Take a hands-on approach to this sumptuous middle eastern feast

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    Margherita pizza

    Thick or thin, this Italian specialty has you covered.

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    Quesadillas with chorizo and cheese

    Try cooking these in a toasted sandwich plate. Quesadillas are delicious hot from the oven but also perfect to take for work lunch. They reheat easily in the microwave or can be eaten at room temperature. While they are filling on their own, they could also be served alongside a meaty dish such as chilli con carne. Serves 4, ready in 50min.

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    Potato and mince bake

    Just six ingredients in this simple but satisfying mince and potato bake. Easy on the budget, and delicious. Photography by William Meppem/

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