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15 terrific tiramisu recipes

You've reached the end of the menu, everyone’s having a ball – and you can too, because dessert is all prepared and ready to go. So give these indulgent tiramisu recipes a try

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    Tiramisu roulade

    Named for it's shape, this roulade is a filled cake that has been rolled into dessert perfection!

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    Hazelnut tiramisu

    Try this classic Italian dessert with a hazelnut twist.

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    Tiramisu brownie

    Two incredible desserts combine in this tiramisu brownie recipe. Take the time to treat yourself to a decadent doubledecker slice

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    Nutella tiramisu with roasted hazelnut crumbs

    As kids, if we were ever feeling shattered from sport, school or riding ponies, Mum would make a huge bowl of tiramisu, the classic Italian mamma’s pick-me-up. I adored it even though it was probably a little on the boozy side! My kids were born with my tiramisu adoration, but being half-French they also have a hereditary addiction to Nutella. In this recipe, I’ve combined the two. These little jars (individual servings lessen the squabbles for the last spoonful) of chocolatey, hazelnutty goodness are less eggy than Mum’s original recipe. I also add whisky, not the usual Marsala, for a smoky note or maybe just to stamp my Scottish heritage on it. Delizioso. Photograph by Jani Shepherd and styling by Fiona Hugues – Gatherum Collectif.

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    Italians know good food, combining mascarpone, coffee, kahlua, finger biscuits and cocoa powder to create this spongey, syrupy dessert.

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    Frozen chocolate tiramisu bars

    These frozen chocolate tiramisu bars are dead easy and terrifically impressive. Just a few moments worth of effort topped with a little sprinkle of cocoa and you'll have a grown up dessert that will satisfy the most discerning of tastes.

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    Terrific tiramisu

    For so many people, tiramisu is simply irresistible when on a menu. This Italian favourite is an easy dessert to put together, so try it in your own kitchen. Just imagine, tiramisu anytime – now that’s dangerous!

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    Easy berry tiramisu

    My version of this famous Italian dessert is slightly lighter than the original and has the addition of raspberries for an added zing of freshness to go with the sharp espresso and cocoa. This definitely lives up to this dessert’s literal translation – “pick-me-up”.

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