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10 of the best egg recipes to try

Eggs really are one of the original superfoods! Nutrient-rich and incredibly versatile, eggs are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check out our best recipes below and get cracking!

Watch our easy how-to video below and see how you can create perfectly poached eggs, every time.
Try buying free-range eggs, like FRENZ when possible.
  • 1

    Eggy ham and cheese tarts

    This delicious eggy ham and cheese tart recipe creates the perfect low carb snack. Serve with chutney or pesto or pop in lunchboxes for a tasty bite for kids and adults on the go


  • 2

    Old-fashioned devilled eggs

    There's nothing quite so perfect for a picnic, lunch or BBQ as devilled eggs. This recipe makes easy work of bringing this delicious classic to life. Serve sprinkled with extra paprika


  • 3

    Pesto pasta salad

    Fresh, fast and healthy, this pesto pasta salad is bursting with the goodness of kumara, eggs and sun-dried tomato pesto.

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  • 5

    Crushed new potato, ham and egg salad

    This fresh and easy salad recipe combines crispy, golden new potatoes with ham, poached eggs, tender peas and plenty of creamy dressing. Enjoy for lunch or dinner

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|

  • 7

    Baked bean and egg jaffle

    Jam-packed full of hearty baked beans, melted oozy cheese and scrambled eggs, this tasty jaffle is perfect for a quick and satisfying breakfast. Take one bite into this toasted, golden sandwich and enjoy the hot filling that spills out.

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  • 8

    Leftover vegetable frittata

    A homemade frittata can be a thing of beauty. It is also a great way to use up any left over vegetables from the night before. This Nici Wickes recipe is great cut into wedges and served for lunch

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 9

    Bacon and egg pies

    This clever recipe uses sliced bread to create these tasty bacon and egg pies. Serve for any meal of the day - accompany with vegetables or salad and you have a main meal

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|

  • 10

    Chickpea shakshuka

    This Moroccan inspired chickpea shakshuka dish has a spicy kick to it. Shakshuka is traditionally served at breakfast and perfect for dinner too. Serve with baked mountain bread and chili oil

    Australian Women's Weekly|