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The 5 best hangover cures ever (really)

Need a pick-me-up after a big night out? We've got just the thing.

Whether it’s through personal experience, trial and error, or stumbling upon it by accident, everyone has their own personal hangover cure.
For some, it’s another sip of alcohol, for others it’s a plate full of greasy breakfast foods. But for us, we’re not willing to settle for anything less than scientifically proven.
To help you through your pounding headache and sudden newfound allergy to loud noises and bright lights, we’ve compiled the best tried and tested hangover cures:

Water is the cure for everything

One of the prime causes of a nasty hangover is dehydration. Drinking a few glasses of water before hitting the sack after a long celebratory night could greatly relieve the severity of hangover symptoms the next morning.
The morning of the hangover, drinking as much liquid as you can - water, coconut water, sports drinks and electrolyte-filled beverages - will speed up your recovery.
Do not drink more alcohol, no matter who tries to convince you and swears by it. This isn't the healthy answer.


Skip the greasy cravings and indulge in eggs. Protein-rich foods give a sustainable boost to your body and have a replenishing effect. Greasy dishes are typically sans nutrition and don't provide long-term relief.
Click here for our delicious poached egg recipe with asparagus and parmesan.

Banana before bed stops the ache in the head

Bananas are full of potassium and potassium does absolute wonders for relieving hangover symptoms. Give your body a little potassium party and eat a banana both before going to bed and the morning after. The boost of potassium will alleviate potentially brutal headaches and other "I had too much fun last night" symptoms.

Chicken noodle soup

Gentle on the stomach and made with love, chicken noodle soup or chicken soup can truly be the cure for anything. The delicious (and salty) broth helps your body retain precious hangover-curing water and protein from the chicken. It boosts liver function and detoxification and before you know it, your hangover isn't so horrendous. If you're too nauseous for anything solid, stick to just the broth.
This soothing chicken noodle soup recipe will make light work of your hangover.


Dr John Emsley at the Royal Society of Chemistry discovered eating honey (particularly on toast) on the morning of a hangover is one of the best cures. Honey is essentially a nutrition bomb of potassium and antioxidants. Sounds like the perfect hangover relief "cocktail" to us.
And don't forget, all things in moderation, so there's no need to give up the occasional glass of wine. In fact, the latest research says white wine is good for you.

Pickle juice

Pickle juice cravings aren't reserved only for our pregnant foodies. Pickle juice is one of the hangover cures that actually holds true. The wonderful saltiness of the pickle juice helps the body retain water, which as we know now, helps combat alcohol-induced dehydration.
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