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10 tasty tuna pasta salad recipes

Stuck for your next potluck dinner or lunchbox filler? Our tuna pasta salad recipes are here to save the day. Quick, easy, and budget-friendly, these healthy ideas are sure to go down a treat.

Watch our easy how=to video and see how to cook pasta perfectly, every time.
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    Tomato, tuna and feta pasta salad

    Whip up this quick and tasty pasta salad in under 30 minutes, perfect for Summer or a light weeknight dinner. Tossed with flaky tuna, fresh tomatoes and creamy feta, it is full of flavour and makes a delicious effortless dish.

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    Tuna pasta salad

    This family favourite can be made ahead and stored in the fridge in airtight containers ready for school or work lunches.

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    Warm tuna pasta salad

    A tasty, healthy dish perfect for lunch, dinner or even a quick filling snack!

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    Curried macaroni tuna & bean salad

    Full of flavour and super quick to put together, this curried macaroni tuna & bean salad makes a great packed lunch as well.

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    Tuna macaroni salad

    A sensational cold salad for summer lunches and dinners. The combination of pasta, coleslaw and tuna is a winner all round.

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