Kimchi chicken and green-bean sushi bowls

These kimchi chicken and green-bean sushi bowls are the flavour-packed experience your taste buds have been looking for. Make sure to top your bowl of rice with all the goodness you can fit!

Nadia|Feb 21, 2019

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    There may well be some time investment here, but your efforts will be worth it. This teriyaki chicken sushi recipe is delicious and the filling makes it an extra nutritious snack

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    Love sushi but hate the time it takes to roll? Save time tonight with this quick and delicious tuna salad sushi bowl! Simple, easy, and super tasty!

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    Veg it up! Replace the fish with a thin plain omelette or slices of marinated tofu.

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  • Egg nori rolls

    A classic Japanese dish, sushi is made by combining spiced rice, vegetables and meat or seafood, and wrapping it in nutritious seaweed (nori). These bite sized treats are stuffed with a traditional Asian egg omelette, and are wonderful enjoyed as lunch, dinner or as finger food for a dinner party.

    Recipes Plus|Sep 29, 2014