Roasted pear and blue cheese scones

Nici Wickes' roasted pear and blue cheese scones recipe is insanely easy to make and the flavour is wonderful, with little bursts of sweetness from the pears and tanginess from blue cheese

New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Apr 12, 2017

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  • Kumara and smoked bacon scones

    This kumara and smoked bacon scones recipe takes this Kiwi classic to delicious new heights! Serve these perfectly savoury scones slathered in butter for afternoon tea

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  • Sweet clementine scones

    This recipe produces flaky layered scones with a delicate hint of mandarin and spice. The secret to ‘light’ scones is to work quickly and handle the dough as little as possible

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  • Fluffy rocket and feta scones

    These scones really pack a punch with rocket and a double dose of cheese – feta in the scones and cheddar on the top. Slathered in butter, a warm scone is true comfort food, right?

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  • Fig and date scones with blueberry chia jam and coconut cream

    Heavenly High Tea - Who said indulgent socials can't be healthy? These raw, vegan, gluten-free recipes from Maz Valcorza's whole food cafe Sadhana Kitchen are as nutritious as they are moreish - Fig and date scones with blueberry chia jam and coconut cream. Photography by Rodney Macuja/

    Supplied|Nov 23, 2015