Heather’s easy rhubarb and ginger cake

Nici Wickes' mum shares the recipe for a rhubarb and ginger cake she tried in Central Otago. Simply delicious and easy to throw together, this cake is wonderful served for dessert with whipped cream

New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Feb 14, 2018

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  • Rhubarb and rose tea pies with homemade pastry

    This clever recipe sees rose tea infused rhubarb paired with homemade pastry and baked to perfection to create these gorgeous pies. Serve for a deliciously different sweet treat

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  • Gluten-free berry and rhubarb pie

    The hero of Nici Wickes' berry and rhubarb pie recipe is the gluten-free pastry! It's simply fabulous – crisp, flaky and golden. If you’re coeliac, you’ll never have to miss out on delicious pie again

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  • Little white chocolate and rhubarb cakes

    Nici Wickes' little white chocolate and rhubarb creations are simply divine. They blur the lines between cakes, muffins, cupcakes and friands – they’re a happy hybrid of all of them

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  • Rhubarb upside down cake

    Ramp up the comfort with this deliciously moist rhubarb upside down cake recipe. Serve for dessert in thick wedges with a good dollop of whipped cream or custard

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  • Custard baked in shredded filo with poached rhubarb

    Gemmayze St restaurant's head chef and owner Samir Allen shares his recipe for silky baked custard encased in crisp filo pastry and topped with poached rhubarb. A delicious dessert for any occasion

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  • Rhubarb and ginger chutney

    This delicious rhubarb and ginger chutney recipe was made for your next cheese platter. Serve with toasted French bread, blue cheese and Parma ham

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  • Woodturners Café’s rhubarb and coconut cake

    This light and fluffy rhubarb and coconut cake recipe brought to you by Woodturners Café is perfect enjoyed for dessert or afternoon tea, with freshly whipped cream and icing sugar

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