Courgette, polenta and parmesan cakes

These courgette and polenta cakes are popular with everyone, especially as they’re loaded with gooey cheese. They are just wonderful for anyone wanting to branch out from potatoes as their go-to source of carbs!

New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Mar 09, 2020

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  • Polenta chips with rosemary, feta and garlic dip

    This irresistible recipe sees cheesy polenta chips baked until beautifully golden and served with a deliciously creamy rosemary, feta and garlic dip. A must-try with a crisp glass of wine

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  • Creamy, soft polenta with prawns and pesto

    Traditionally a staple peasant dish of northern Italy, polenta is now enjoyed worldwide. This creamy, soft polenta recipe with prawns and pesto is a delicious example of how to enjoy this dish

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  • Polenta chips with parmesan, mayonnaise and tomato sauce

    This polenta chips recipe makes a delicious change from your regular potato chips. The great thing about these ‘chips’ is that they're really filling – three or four each does the trick as a snack

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  • Raspberry polenta cupcakes

    The addition of polenta in this raspberry cupcakes recipe gives these little morsels a pleasant, grainy texture. Serve with a dollop of lemon icing and topped with juicy raspberries

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  • Bolognese pie with polenta crust

    This delicious recipe for bolognese pie with polenta crust sees two Italian favourites come together flawlessly! This comforting dish is ready in just 30 minutes

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Sep 19, 2016

  • 24 ways to get creative with polenta

    Traditionally a staple peasant dish of northern Italy, polenta is now enjoyed worldwide (and for good reason). Creamy and soft, polenta is perfect for a range of savoury and sweet recipes

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  • Polenta and vegetable tart

    This creative take on a vegetable tart has a creamy polenta base, topped with roast vegetables, goat’s cheese, semi sun-dried tomatoes and basil leaves

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|May 02, 2016

  • Polenta corn cakes with guacamole

    The corn makes these little cakes sweet and juicy, while the polenta adds a subtle crunch.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Oct 09, 2015

  • Polenta and brussels sprouts salad

    This polenta and Brussels sprouts salad makes the perfect dinner meal for the whole family! Healthy, wholesome and super tasty - this dish ticks all the boxes!

    Woman's Day|Sep 16, 2015

  • Sausages and capsicum with soft polenta

    Warm up on the cooler nights with this delicious and comforting sausage and capsicum with soft polenta dish - flavoursome and nourishing!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jul 16, 2015

  • Polenta chips

    Once polenta cools and hardens, you can make these moreish ‘chips’ from Liliana Battle's book, 'Easy Home Cooking Italian Style'. These are baked, so they’re much healthier than regular chips, and naturally gluten-free.

    New Zealand Taste|Jun 30, 2015