Nectarine and almond tart with homemade vanilla pastry

Celebrate summer with this gorgeous nectarine and almond tart. With a shell of crispy vanilla pastry, a layer of homemade almond paste and a topping of beautifully arranged nectarines, this tart looks and tastes like a ray of sunshine.

New Zealand Taste|Feb 09, 2020

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  • 10 sweet nectarine recipe ideas to try for dessert

    Celebrate summer's glut of stone fruit with these nectarine recipes. Choose from your favourite desserts including nectarine tart, trifle, muffins, cake or simply roasted to perfection. Dig in!

    Food To Love|Jan 05, 2020

  • Nectarine and Pimms picnic jelly jars

    These little nectarine and Pimms picnic jelly jars are so much fun to make, and even more fun to eat! Chill in small jars so they are easy to transport, and enjoy for a delightful boozy dessert.

    Food|Feb 14, 2019

  • Peach, nectarine and ginger tart

    Slightly cheese-cakey, this Nici Wickes tart is a fantastic gluten-free dessert for the summer. Top it with fresh seasonal fruit and that divine ginger syrup!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Jan 25, 2019

  • Sweet nectarine olive oil cake

    The sweetness of the fruit and the savoury richness of extra virgin olive oil make this the most wonderful summer cake. It's great served warm for dessert or with a cuppa.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Jan 25, 2019

  • Little vanilla-poached peach and nectarine trifles

    This peach and nectarine trifle recipe is the perfect example of just how good stone fruit can be. Poach until tender and layer with mascarpone and savoiardi biscuits for a dreamy summer dessert

    New Zealand Taste|Feb 06, 2018

  • Caramelised nectarines with homemade yoghurt curd

    Nici Wickes' pairs golden caramelised nectarines with homemade yoghurt curd in this beautifully simple recipe. Roasting stone fruit until it’s slightly singed in places is a gorgeous way to eat it

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Feb 12, 2017

  • Nectarine and cardamom muffins

    This muffin recipe is a one-bowl wonder, easy to throw together and the cardamom is a beautiful whisper of flavour alongside the fruit. And who doesn’t like a freshly baked muffin first thing in the morning? My mum’s muffins are the best – though I might be a bit biased!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Mar 14, 2016

  • Walnut tart crust with roasted harvest fruits & maple glaze

    At first glance this looks like a classic fruit tart to be eaten by the slice. However, with this tart you have to deconstruct it in order to eat it. The nutty walnut shell is not only intended to hold the sweet globes of roasted fruit together; it’s meant to be smashed up, crumbled and piled. Slap on a dollop of clotted cream or tart crème fraîche and dig in.

    Your Home and Garden|Mar 14, 2016

  • Little stone fruit & almond cakes

    Super-easy to prepare, these little almondy cakes can pretty much handle any seasonal fruit so feel free to be creative with what you have on hand. Recipes and styling by Fiona Hugues. Photography by Jani Shepherd. Gatherum Collectif.

    Your Home and Garden|Mar 13, 2016