Mince Dish

Roasted eggplant with spiced lamb

Silky eggplant and crunchy cauliflower topped with spiced minced lamb - delish! This dish is a stand out winner for a quick and easy midweek dinner. And it's great for diabetics.

Australian Women's Weekly|Aug 31, 2015

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  • Quick and easy mince meals

    Midweek meals with mince are perfect when time is tight. This quick-cooking family favourite lends itself to a range of cuisines and is easy on the wallet as well. But it definitely doesn't have to be boring! We bring you some very exotic mince meals, such as Sichuan-style gai lan and pork mince, sweet and sour minced pork, and more.

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    Try these traditional British cottage pies, topped with cheesy, creamy mashed potato and served in four individual ramekins. Great partnered with a rosemary salad.

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    This recipe serves four, just! It's best to make a double quantity of the meat sauce to ensure there’s heaps for extras; any leftovers are always gratefully devoured the next day. Don’t skimp on the chilli sauce; give each taco a good dollop!

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    Unleash your creativity whipping up these minced fruit and nut pies with a brandy kick. They can be shaped into stars, snowflakes or topped with sweet meringue to offer something for everyone at your next special social gathering.

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    Experience a Western swing on the classic Vietnamese favourite, bahn mi, this delicious French baguette is stuffed with Asian spiced pork meat balls and pickled veggies.

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    You'll have everyone gobbling up this simple yet tantilising Italian classic. With tomato sauce, oregano, pasta and mince there is no going wrong with this flavour combination.

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