Chicken meatball laksa

This fragrant soup is a fantastic idea for a quick dinner or lunch. With punchy flavours, homemade chicken meatballs and noodles to bulk it up, it's a delicious meal that will be on the table in just 30 minutes.

Food|May 07, 2019

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  • Spicy fried noodles

    Nadia's delicious spicy fried noodles are so full of heat and flavour to keep you warm till summer. Feel free to add more or less chilli sauce and fresh chilli, depending on how hot you like it!

    Nadia|Aug 01, 2018

  • Madame Lu's tamari soba noodles with toasted sesame

    This soba noodle salad recipe will forever be on rotation within your kitchen. It’s super simple and so versatile. Whip it up for lunch or bake a piece of salmon and flake it through for a healthy, balanced dinner

    Food|Apr 03, 2017

  • Calamari and pounded sambal with cabbage salad

    This gluten-free recipe is ready in just 20 minutes and features punchy Malaysian flavours like ginger, lime and chilli. Pound the sambal in a mortar and pestle to create a fantastic flavour

    New Zealand Taste|Jun 03, 2016

  • Kaffir lime and red curry fish parcels

    These delicious kaffir lime and curry fish parcels are a light and healthy meal, perfect for the warmer weather. And they are suitable for diabetics.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Aug 31, 2015

  • Sweet chilli sauce

    It's very satisfying to make your own condiments when the necessary fresh ingredients are cheap. Use in stir-fries, marinades, as a dipping sauce, on burgers or to spice up homemade dips.

    Woman's Day|Oct 29, 2014

  • Best sosaties (south african-malay kebabs)

    Bring this version of an african specialty to the table, threading tender lamb onto skewers then barbecuing or grilling them to perfection with a spicy curry and apricot jam marinade.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 29, 2014

  • Nasi goreng

    Add a spark to your meal time, by bringing an aromatic, pork version of this staple Indonesian spicy rice dish to life.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jul 29, 2014