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Gluten-free doughnuts recipe with 4 delicious topping ideas

Who doesn’t love a homemade doughnut? Everyone can get their sugar fix with our four colourful gluten-free treats - whether you prefer a jammy doughnut or a chocolate-covered delight, these recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Food To Love|Feb 12, 2020

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  • Crispy avocado fries

    These avocado fries are simply scrumptious. With a crispy batter of panko crumbs and delicious seasoning, served with our zingy green yoghurt sauce, they make a fantastic vegetarian side dish.

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Apr 10, 2019

  • Gluten-free lemon-glazed doughnuts

    Making doughnuts from scratch is so rewarding - especially when they are gluten free and covered in a delicious lemon glaze like these ones!

    Food|Feb 12, 2019

  • Gluten-free custard-filled doughnuts

    Indulge your sweet tooth with these delightful homemade custard-filled doughnuts. The best part? Gluten-free doughnut lovers can enjoy them too!

    Food|Feb 12, 2019

  • Eggplant fritter fries with garlic yoghurt

    Eggplant...fries?! This recipe sees this meaty vegetable transformed into thick fries, coated in beer batter then fried to perfection. Serve with garlic yoghurt for a delicious vegetarian snack

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jul 08, 2016

  • Mindy mermaid

    Mindy mermaid

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jul 06, 2016

  • Deep-fried Snickers bars

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with this indulgent recipe. Pair the deep-fried Snickers with your favourite ice cream and prepare to enter dessert heaven

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|May 23, 2016

  • Crunchy fish goujons and wedges

    Crispy and golden on the outside, tender and flaky in the middle, these crunchy fish goujons make a brilliant weeknight family dinner. Serve them up with homemade wedges for fish and chips at home.

    Woman's Day|May 02, 2016

  • Southern buttermilk fried chicken

    The Star's Sydney's Executive Chef, Uday Huja, has shared his signature fried chicken recipe with us, a popular dish featured at The Harvest Buffet. Perfectly golden and crispy, the chicken is soaked in buttermilk to achieve juicy, tender meat every time.

    Supplied|Feb 25, 2016

  • Carrot and harissa falafel with tahini yoghurt

    Get inventive in the kitchen tonight with these wholesome carrot and harissa falafels with a fresh and zingy tahini yoghurt - a mouthwatering flavour combination!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 30, 2015

  • Deep-fried ice creams

    Indulge in these deep-fried toffee and vanilla-flavoured ice creams, coated in crushed honeycomb biscuits - a little taste of heaven. James Wirth shares his recipe from the cookbook This Could Get Messy.

    New Zealand Taste|Sep 23, 2015

  • Deep-fried caramel cream doughnuts

    These sweet and indulgent deep-fried caramel cream doughnuts make for the perfect sweet party treats! Crispy, sweet and so delicious, these beauties will have your guests coming back for more!

    Woman's Day|Jul 31, 2015

  • Chocolate arancini

    Arancini are little balls of risotto, normally filled with meat and cheese. However, this recipe from Liliana Battle's book, 'Easy Home Cooking Italian Style', uses oozy chocolate! Think sweet rice pudding crossed with a cinnamon doughnut and you’re almost there.

    New Zealand Taste|Jun 30, 2015