Easter egg cupcakes

Sweet, chocolatey and oh-so-moist, these little Easter egg cupcakes are almost too cute to eat! Until you take one bite, because no one will be able to resist the secret treat that's hiding in the middle...

Nadia|Apr 02, 2019

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  • Make your own fabric muffin cases

    Make your muffins and cupcakes look better than ever with these DIY fabric cases. So easy to make, these little cases will make your sweet treats look too cute to eat!

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  • Mini lemon meringue cupcakes

    These beautifully zesty mini lemon meringue cupcakes are the perfect treat to enjoy with friends and family for afternoon tea with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

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  • Bird’s nest cupcakes

    here is the easiest and tastiest cupcake recipe to ensure your Easter ends on a sweet note. So have fun with your family on Easter weekend decorating these cute cupcakes with little chocolate eggs.

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  • Raspberry-filled coconut cupcakes with cream cheese icing

    This indulgent recipe sees coconut cupcakes filled with tart raspberries and topped a lush cream cheese icing. Dust with icing sugar and serve as a show-stopping treat at your next sweet occasion

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  • Lemon-scented rose cupcake

    These delightful lemon-scented rose cupcakes are perfect enjoyed for morning or afternoon tea, served with a hot cup of tea or coffee

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  • Frosted mandarin cakes

    These light and fluffy frosted mandarin cakes are perfect enjoyed for a sweet morning or afternoon tea treat, accompanied with a hot cup of tea or coffee

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    Searching for a pint-sized treat? Look no further than this red velvet cupcakes recipe. Topped with a thick cream cheese icing, these cupcakes will be the star of your next sweet occasion

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