Cocktail Party

How to make fruity adults-only cocktail ice blocks

Cheers to these adults-only, alcohol spiked ice blocks! Try our favourite cocktail inspired recipes including strawberry and champagne, plum and cider or orange and cointreau. A must-try for summer!

Nadia|Jan 06, 2020

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    Here are our tips for hosting the perfect dinner party in the depths of winter, including all our best recipes for keeping everyone warm and nourished. So pour a glass of mulled wine and make a toast to beating the winter blues for another year!

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  • Hot and smoky cheesy chipotle and black bean dip

    Want to seriously step up the flavour at your next dip worthy event? This chipotle dip recipe is a must-try. Spicy, smoky and cheesy, it's delicious loaded on to corn chips and scooped with raw veges

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  • 14 easy dip recipes to keep a crowd happy

    What's a party without dip? These moreish dip recipes are the perfect partner for chips, vegetable sticks or crackers at your next party. Try sweet chilli and cream cheese, carrot or smoked salmon.

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  • Sparkling rosé jelly cake with brownie base and berries

    Love rosé? This incredible cake recipe is a must-try! A decadent brownie base is topped with sparkling moscato rosé and berry jelly to create a simple yet sophisticated dessert that's super impressive!

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  • Little cornmeal fritters with chicken and avocado salsa

    Get the party started with this tasty cornmeal fritter recipe. These easy nibbles are delicious topped with roast chicken and fresh avocado salsa, then served to guests with a drizzle of hot sauce

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    Crunchy, fresh and light, this vegetable crudité platter makes the perfect party snack. Pair with a creamy pea and feta dip for a truly crowd-pleasing dish

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  • Aromatic white and red mulled wine

    Greet guests at your next mid-winter dinner party with delicious mulled wine served in thick glasses or pottery cups to hold the heat, says Fiona Hugues. Photo by Jani Shepherd/Gatherum Collectif

    New Zealand Taste|Jul 14, 2016

  • Aperol spritz cocktail

    Originating in northern Italy, Aperol spritz has become a popular Summer drink, making it an essential recipe to be included in Deborah Hutton's new book, Entertaining Made Easy. It's a great way to start a meal and whet the appetite.

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  • Eggplant fritter fries with garlic yoghurt

    Eggplant...fries?! This recipe sees this meaty vegetable transformed into thick fries, coated in beer batter then fried to perfection. Serve with garlic yoghurt for a delicious vegetarian snack

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  • Top 20 Canapé recipes

    Stuck for ideas to serve your guests at your next cocktail party, we’ve pulled together our most popular, starters, canapes and finger foods!

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  • The best summer cocktails

    Whether you're hosting a summer party or a dinner, a great cocktail is the perfect start to the evening.

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