Spelt pasta with silky cauliflower sauce

Combining the nutty flavour of spelt pasta with our silky cauliflower sauce, this pasta dish is a wonderful idea for an easy dinner. It will be on the table in just 40 minutes, and is so tasty you'll be going back for seconds!

New Zealand Taste|May 14, 2019

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  • Cauliflower and courgette soup

    Cauliflower and courgette add beautiful flavour and creaminess to this warming soup. Top with prosciutto and parsley, then serve with toasted sourdough for a balanced and tasty meal.

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Oct 25, 2018

  • Gluten-free pepperoni pizza

    Who wants to eat gluten-free pizza if the base has the taste and texture of cardboard? It might sound strange, but using cauliflower for the base of this gluten-free pepperoni pizza totally works!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Jul 12, 2018

  • Cauliflower cheese fritters

    We know cauliflower has been expensive so for these fritters, Nici treated them like luxury, pairing with mozzarella and feta to create delicious fritters that are great served with relish or chutney.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|May 07, 2018

  • Lentil and cauliflower fattoush with lemon dressing

    A classic Middle Eastern salad gets a delicious update with this fattoush recipe. With the addition of lentils, cauliflower and feta, this fresh dish makes a hearty vegetarian main or tasty side dish

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Mar 12, 2018

  • Chicken and prawn nasi goreng with cauliflower rice

    This nasi goreng recipe sees a takeaway favourite get a clever makeover by swapping traditional fried rice with cauliflower rice. It's the perfect dinner for anyone watching their calorie intake

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Feb 08, 2018

  • Cauliflower and courgette tart with smoked cheddar

    This vegetarian tart recipe is simply delicious! Roasted cauliflower and courgette star atop a shortcrust pastry base with a liberal sprinkling of smoked cheddar. Serve for lunch or a light dinner

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Sep 26, 2017

  • Crispy oven-roasted spiced cauliflower and carrot

    Nici Wickes' crispy spiced cauliflower and carrot recipe is a healthy take on deep-fried Indian pakora and onion bhaji. Serve with poppadoms and dipping sauce for a tasty afternoon snack or starter

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Aug 28, 2017

  • Low carb cauliflower rice risotto with mushrooms

    Risotto with no rice? Who would've thought! This delicious recipe sees cauliflower rice take the place of traditional arborio to create a creamy, lower carb risotto that doesn't sacrifice on flavour

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Jul 30, 2017

  • Cauliflower and potato soup with crispy potato slices

    You'll see exactly why cauliflower soup is a winter favourite when you dig into this recipe. Creamy and oh so comforting, this vegetarian soup is served with crispy potato slices - perfect for dipping

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Jul 30, 2017

  • Taylor Farms nutty cauliflower pilaf

    Searching for a healthy side dish recipe? Use Taylor Farms Cauliflower Pearls to create this nutty cauliflower pilaf that's packed with quinoa, raisins, nuts and seeds

    Commercial|May 18, 2017