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Smoothie recipes for busy mornings

Grab those superfoods and blend ’em up – it’s time to give your breakfast a big health boost.

We're all aware of how important it is to get five or more servings of fruit and vegetables per day, but eating your share can be a struggle if you don't forward plan. Stock up your vege drawer, fruit bowl and freezer with colourful produce that can easily be whizzed into a smoothie, juice or bowl and benefit from a nutrient-packed breakfast that can only serve you well for the day ahead.
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    Creamy raspberry smoothie

    Cashews are high in iron, zinc, fibre, protein and monounsaturated fat, good for heart health. Raspberries are high in vitamin C and antioxidants and have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health and reducing cancer risk.

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    Green super juice

    Kale and spinach are superfoods – nutrient dense and anti-inflammatory. Kale is high in vitamin A, carotenoids for eye health, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. Spinach is a good source of folate to protect cells from damage. This juice is also low fat, low kilojoule and low carbohydrate.

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    Almond and avocado protein smoothie

    Almonds are rich in nutrients such as protein, fibre, vitamin E, zinc, potassium, iron, and calcium. Almond milk also contains flavonoids, which help to lower levels of "bad" cholesterol and protect the heart. Powerful antioxidants in almonds help support a strong immune system.

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    Acai breakfast bowl

    Acai berries contain very high levels of antioxidants, good-for-you fatty acids along with loads of essential vitamins and minerals - great for cardiovascular health and reducing cancer risk. This bowl is high in fibre to keep the digestive system and blood cholesterol levels healthy.

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    Summer sunrise

    Low kilojoule, low fat, a source of fibre and high in vitamin C. Benefits of vitamin C may include protecting our health against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, cancer, eye disease and immunity.

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