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  • Leftover cereal slice

    Attention all budget-savvy bakers! This crunchy, chocolately slice is a genius way of using up leftover cereal.

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  • Leftover vegetable frittata

    A homemade frittata can be a thing of beauty. It is also a great way to use up any left over vegetables from the night before. This Nici Wickes recipe is great cut into wedges and served for lunch

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  • Leftover roast vegetable quiche

    Give last night's roast veges a second lease on life with this delicious quiche recipe. Use whatever roast vegetables you have on hand to create a tasty vegetarian meal the whole family will love

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  • Christmas leftover vegetable loaf

    Whatever the leftover, as long as it’s green, it can go in this delicious Christmas leftover loaf! This Nici Wickes recipe is the perfect way to use up those lingering beans, peas and asparagus

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  • Easy ideas for leftover ham

    Leftover ham? No problem. These recipes make use of any delicious morsels of ham leftover from yesterday's celebrations.

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  • Risotto with leftover soup, spinach and parmesan

    Put that lingering cup of leftover soup to good use in this risotto recipe. Any homemade soup will work a treat to add an injection of flavour to this deliciously simple risotto

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  • How to use up leftover egg yolks

    If you're partial to dabbling in a bit of weekend baking, your berry-loaded pavlova or protein-packed omelette may have left you with a heap of leftover egg yolks. We have the solution.

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  • Leftover chicken and black bean chilli tortillas

    This delicious chilli recipe is a great way to use up any leftover chicken (or pork) you have in the fridge. Serve with avocado, sour cream and tortillas for a tasty midweek meal

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