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Scrumptious scones made for sharing

After mastering the classic scone – and our favourite lemonade scone – try some of these creative combinations at your next afternoon tea. Here, we bring you sweet, buttery treats and rich savoury scones.

Love scones? Watch our how-to video and see how easy it is to make this Kiwi favourite, then try our simple step-by-step guide to making the perfect buttermilk scones.
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    Annabelle White's perfect scone recipe

    Watch as Annabelle White shares her tried-and-true recipe and techniques for making the perfect scone - a simple but tricky Kiwi favourite.

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    Basic scone recipe

    Create beautifully light and fluffy scones with this basic scone recipe. Serve scones with cream and jam for a lovely afternoon tea

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    Lemonade scones

    Make the lightest, fluffiest scones with just a few ingredients - the secret ingredient in these scrumptious scones is lemonade!

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    Mum’s cheese scones

    Cheese scones just like Mum makes! Wonderfully light and fluffy, this cheese scone recipe is fantastic served for morning or afternoon tea slathered with plenty of butter

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    Courgette, feta and corn wedges

    These courgette wedges are a scrumptious savoury snack. Filled with the goodness of corn kernels and grated courgette, as well as the tastiness of feta and parmesan, these scones are like heaven!

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    Cherry jam with chocolate chip buttermilk scones

    There's only one thing better than a warm scone, and that's a warm scone slathered in homemade jam! Try these tasty chocolate chip buttermilk scones with our exquisite cherry jam.

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    Roasted pear and blue cheese scones

    Nici Wickes' roasted pear and blue cheese scones recipe is insanely easy to make and the flavour is wonderful, with little bursts of sweetness from the pears and tanginess from blue cheese

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    Strawberry bliss scones

    Sweet and delicate, these strawberry scones are the perfect treat for morning or afternoon tea. Enjoy warm with a dollop of jam and cream.

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    Thyme and fennel scones with blackberry jam and lemon curd

    Nici Wickes' little scones are delicious! This recipe has a wonderful savoury twist from the addition of thyme and fennel, both of which go beautifully with blackberry jam and lemon curd respectively

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    Fluffy rocket and feta scones

    These scones really pack a punch with rocket and a double dose of cheese – feta in the scones and cheddar on the top. Slathered in butter, a warm scone is true comfort food, right?

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    Gluten-free hot cross bun Easter scones

    Nici Wickes' hot cross bun scone recipe is a triumph! Serve warm from the oven and slathered with butter for the ultimate Easter treat. They're also gluten-free, so they're perfect for sharing. Win!

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    Olive and rosemary scones

    These wonderfully light, buttery olive and rosemary scones are fantastic recipe to have on hand. Serve warm with butter and enjoy with friends or family for a lovely afternoon tea


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    Nourish Cafe’s date scones

    Tauranga's Nourish Café shares the recipe for their much-loved date scones. Dust with icing sugar and enjoy with a hot cup of tea or coffee


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    Tatie scones with smoked salmon and dill cream

    Scones made with mashed potato!? Nici Wickes's scrumptious tatie scones with smoked salmon and dill cream are the perfect filling weekend breakfast or brunch.

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    Sweet clementine scones

    This recipe produces flaky layered scones with a delicate hint of mandarin and spice. The secret to ‘light’ scones is to work quickly and handle the dough as little as possible


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    Easy olive and pesto pinwheel scones

    Scone fans will fall head over heels for this pinwheel recipe. Combining two of our favourite savoury bakes, these pinwheel scones are spiked with olives, pesto and plenty of cheese then baked 'til perfectly golden


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    Rich pistachio scones with lemon curd mascarpone

    Scone lovers won't be able to resist this pistachio scone recipe. Spiked with pistachio nuts and paired with lush lemon curd mascarpone, these golden scones are perfect served with a hot cuppa

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