Southern buttermilk fried chicken

The Star's Sydney's Executive Chef, Uday Huja, has shared his signature fried chicken recipe with us, a popular dish featured at The Harvest Buffet. Perfectly golden and crispy, the chicken is soaked in buttermilk to achieve juicy, tender meat every time.

  • 20 mins preparation
  • 10 mins cooking
  • 24 hrs marinating
  • Makes 12
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Fried chicken
  • 12 extra large corn-fed chicken wings
  • 8 litre peanut oil, to deep-fry
Flour mixture
  • 1 kilogram all purpose flour
  • 50 gram coarsely ground black pepper
  • 40 gram salt
  • 20 gram cayenne pepper
  • 10 gram celery salt
  • 5 gram dried thyme
  • 2 gram dried ground sage
Buttermilk mixture
  • 2 litre buttermilk
  • 25 gram fresh sage
  • 25 gram fresh thyme
  • 25 gram salt
Cayenne butter (optional)
  • 50 gram cayenne pepper powder
  • 200 gram whole butter, melted


Southern buttermilk fried chicken
  • 1
    Make buttermilk mixture: combine all ingredients in a large pan; mix well.
  • 2
    Add chicken wings to buttermilk mix and allow to soak, fully submerged, in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  • 3
    The following day, make flour mixture: combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl; mix well.
  • 4
    Heat peanut oil in deep-fryer to 155°C (use a probe or digital thermometer to ensure you have the exact measurement.)
  • 5
    Pull a wing from the buttermilk mixture and drop into the flour mixture. Toss in flour until completely coated. Continue with rest of wings and allow to rest in mixture as you coat all wings.
  • 6
    As soon as you've finished coating, take two wings and lightly beat them against each other to remove any excess flour.
  • 7
    Slowly drop them into the oil (depending on the size of your deep-fryer, you might need to cook them in batches - it's important to not crowd the fryer).
  • 8
    Give wings a light stir after 2 minutes (but don't touch them as this could crack off the crunchy skin). They will start to float after about 9 minutes - a good sign they are done. Use your probe thermometer to check the internal temperature is 85°C.
  • 9
    Allow to drain on a wire rack or on paper towels. Serve immediately. To add extra spice, baste wings lightly with a cayenne butter (simply combine ingredients.)


Ensure your oil stays at 155°C while you are cooking. If it gets too hot, you will burn the outside, leaving the inside of the chicken raw. Chef Huja recommends serving your fried chicken with Southern corn bread, and crispy fries.