Italian antipasto

Huntley & Palmers Baked Oat Thins and Flatbread Minis are both so versatile. They pair perfectly with the abundant flavours and textures of this Italian antipasto platter

  • 15 mins preparation
  • Serves 10
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  • prosciutto
  • salami
  • cheeses of your choice
  • figs
  • olives
  • cornichons
  • spice-roasted cashews
  • pimento
  • chargrilled artichoke
  • Huntley & Palmers Oat Thins and Huntley & Palmers Flatbread Minis


How to create a great antipasto platter
  • 1
    The key to making an impressive antipasto platter is to crowd the board so it gives the appearance of abundance.
  • 2
    Make sure you have a combination of flavors. Salty, sweet, sour and spicy. For salty, make sure you have plenty of meats like prosciutto and salami and cheeses like brie and Gouda as well as plump olives. For sweet, use a combination of dried fruits, like sun-dried tomatoes, figs and plum chutney. For sour, plenty of pickles and marinated artichoke hearts. And finally, for spicy, try hot salami and spiced nuts.
  • 3
    Creating a good arrangement is pretty easy. Start by placing the larger items in separate parts of the board and begin filling in the gaps with progressively smaller items. You’ll end up filling gaps in with smaller olives, nuts and fruits. Add some bunches of crackers here and there or even small bunches of fresh herbs – this is the time to get creative!
  • 4
    Huntley & Palmers Oat Thins make a great addition to a platter because they're robust enough to hold wedges of cheese and lashings of spreads, while Huntley & Palmers Flatbread Minis are perfect for dipping.


-Huntley & Palmers Flatbread Minis in Olive & Rock Salt, Roast Garlic & Herb and Roast Red Capsicum are ideal for complementing an array of flavours on a spring/summer platter.