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10 of the best pumpkin soup recipes

Golden, creamy and comforting, pumpkin soup is winter's quintessential dish. We've collected our top 10 pumpkin soup recipes - some spicy, some exotic, all simple - so you can enjoy pumpkin soup for countless cool nights

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    Neighbourly pumpkin soup

    A large jar of this soup and a crusty loaf of bread make a great gift for friends, family or neighbours in need of a delicious, fuss-free meal.

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    Spicy pumpkin soup

    Kick your pumpkin soup up a notch by adding a bit of spicy curry paste, then swirl with cream and serve with crusty bread.

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    Spiced lamb and pumpkin soup

    This hearty soup is full of delicious Moroccan spices, lamb, pumpkin and chickpeas to create the perfect warming winter dish. Serve with a sprinkling of coriander and with plenty of flatbread

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    Roast pumpkin and carrot soup

    The gentle spices in this wholesome autumn soup warm up many a hungry worker and dinner guest alike. Fragrant but not too overwhelming, the pumpkin shines through so even my little Mr Fussy will eat it. Crumble Huntley & Palmers Mixed Herbs Flatbreads over the top and serve extra on the side for dipping.

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    Roasted pumpkin soup with chickpea migas

    Migas is the Spanish name for breadcrumbs. These have served as the inspiration for the crunchy, smoky, roasted chickpea and breadcrumb topping of this budget-friendly, creamy roasted pumpkin soup. Created by Emma Galloway for Taste magazine.

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