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Puhoi Valley: Made to be savoured

The new range of organic milks from Puhoi Valley are made to be savoured. Taking inspiration from the New Zealand outdoors, these recipes are the perfect way to introduce Puhoi Valley’s organic milk range into your kitchen.

  • 1

    Apple & date camping cake

    Long gone is the dried handful of nuts & raisins we grew up with - this moist dense cake will without doubt sustain all your explorers. It contains goodness from walnuts, almonds and dates but isn’t without decadence – she sports a sweet creamy caramel coconut topping. Just the thing to enjoy with a thermos of hot tea on the riverbank or even with friends and a cuppa at home.

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  • 2

    Campfire steak au Poivre sandwiches

    Pretty simple and damn good – juicy beef steaks are sandwiched between flatbread with crunchy rocket leaves and plenty of creamy peppery sauce. No room for cutlery preciousness, this is to be eaten outdoors but napkins will definitely be required for the inevitable chin dribbles.

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  • 3

    Summer vegetable free range scramble

    This recipe is a must have go to for speedy breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner – its versatility is unsurpassed. Free-range eggs, Puhoi Valley Half & Half, a scratching of good cheese, whatever vege you have on hand, some wholegrain bread and, presto – one beaut meal. Done.

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  • 4

    Travel chai mix

    This spiced tea should be correctly called Masala Chai as that’s what it’s called in India where it originates from. To most Kiwis it’s simply referred to as Chai. Gently spiced and very comforting it’s a great thing to blend at home as you can adjust the spice levels to suit your own taste. Take a jar on the road or to the Bach and enjoy your own Chai blend wherever you are. A jar also makes a perfect gift – just add brewing instructions. (If you can’t find cassia just add another cinnamon stick).

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  • 5

    Wholegrain oats with berries

    Nothing will fill and gear you up first thing in the morning like a bowl of wholegrain porridge, whatever the season. Team with seasonal berries, creamy Puhoi Valley Half & Half, a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, a bit of tart yoghurt and add a few nuts, some honey & preserved fruit if you prefer.

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  • 6

    Cold brew camp coffee concentrate

    Over the warmer months it can be so much nicer to drink a long cold coffee full of ice rather than a hot one and this brew is perfect for taking on the road. This slow technique of brewing coffee creates a brew that is lower in acid than heat expressed coffee so it tastes naturally sweeter. Home cold brew combined with Puhoi Valley Half & Half is a cool glass of summer coffee perfection especially for all those coffee addicts out there!

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  • 7

    Gingerbread loaf cake

    There’s nothing greater than a slice of good gingery cake, cool vanilla ice cream and creamy caramel sauce. This sticky loaf style cake is perfect for taking on trips and it freezes well. Just warm each slice for a few seconds in the microwave before adding the ice cream and warm sauce.

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  • 8

    Market salad with ranch dressing

    Not too heavy thanks to Puhoi Valley Half & Half but still sublimely creamy with a hint of garlic and herby goodness; this dressing is a must for your spring entertaining. Seriously, she’ll make your dreary iceberg lettuce sing soprano. Simply serve over lettuce wedges as a side dish or add walnuts, croutons and apple slices for a light meal.

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  • 9

    Puhoi Valley Half & Half Omelette

    Omelettes are a great way to start the day - they’re fast, easy and delicious. All you need is free-range eggs, Puhoi Valley Half & Half, a scattering of good cheese and some wholegrain bread an you’ve got a great meal served in no time.

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