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Our best no-bake slice recipes

Ditch the oven and let the fridge do the work creating these delicious no-bake slice and bar recipes. From chocolate to lemon, gingernut, apricot and ginger, these easy recipes will go down a treat.

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    No-bake mars bar slice

    Everyone loves Mars bars so what better way to make it into a delicious, quick and easy Rice Bubble slice. Great for kid's parties and to satisfy the sweet tooth!

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    The Boat Shed Café’s ginger nut slice

    The Boat Shed Café shares the recipe for their much-loved ginger nut slice. Recreate this café favourite and home and enjoy with a hot cup of tea or coffee

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  • 3

    Chocolate crackle slice

    A new version of a old favourite, this chocolate crackle slice updates the classic chocolate crackle. Cut into bars for a crunchy treat if you prefer.

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  • 4

    No-bake chocolate fudge slice

    This chocolate fudge slice recipe is here to conquer all your chocolate cravings. Thick, delicious and easily made from ingredients in your pantry, this no-bake slice is a no-brainer!

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  • 5

    Apricot coconut bars

    Sink your teeth into this sweet and decadent apricot slice- so easy to prepare and so delicious!

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  • 7

    No-cook ginger slice

    Soothing for your digestive system and wonderfully warming, ginger is the perfect spice for winter. Try this raw ginger slice and I guarantee you’ll be hooked, as will your gluten, dairy and refined sugar intolerant friends!

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  • 8

    No-bake chocolate slice

    Smooth, creamy and utterly decadent, this chocolate and peanut butter slice requires no baking and can be enjoyed straight from the fridge as an indulgent afternoon treat.

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  • 9

    Nutty fudge slice

    This is a brilliant one-pot mix and the results are scrumptious! The nutty caramel flavours work well with coffee, or you can wrap them individually to give away to guests as they leave.

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