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Lovely lasagne recipes

Looking for the best lasagne recipe? This recipe collection is a one-stop-shop for lasagnes of all genres

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    Leek and mushroom lasagne

    Switch things up with this spin on the classic - delicious leek and mushroom lasagne. Perfect for any occasion, and packed full of flavour!

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    Pumpkin and goat's cheese lasagne with rocket and pepita

    This recipe makes enough to feed a crowd - halve or quarter the recipe for a family dinner. An Italian classic, this pumpkin and goat's cheese lasagne with rocket and pepita salad is healthy, fresh, and full of delicious ingredients that work perfectly together.

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    Chicken and chorizo lasagne

    Tender and flavoursome chicken and chorizo lasagne - the perfect meal for the whole family!

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    Lasagne with rich ragu

    This is an easy recipe, so don’t be deterred by the cooking time as it’s mostly in the simmering of the meat sauce, or ragu. The three-meat ragu gives you a rich, intense flavour, even more so if made a day ahead. This sauce is wonderfully versatile and can also be served with spaghetti or as a cannelloni filling. Or you could replace it with a vegetarian option, such as caponata (eggplant and celery) or peperonata (capsicum and onion), or go with a mix of steamed mussels, squid and prawns. As long as the baking technique is followed, the filling possibilities are nearly endless. The best lasagne is made with fresh sheets of pasta, so if you have time, make your own. If not, fresh lasagne is available in most supermarkets.

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    Beef and ricotta lasagne

    The addition of creamy ricotta in this traditional Italian pasta bake adds an exceptional flavour and texture element to this lasagne. The whole family will love it!

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    Pork and veal lasagne with spinach

    This delicious pork and veal lasagne is a healthy take on the classic Italian pasta dish. We've created a lighter, low GI version of the family favourite for those that are watching their weight.

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    Spinach, pesto and parmesan lasagne

    For a vegetarian twist on an Italian classic, look no further than this delicious spinach, pesto and parmesan lasagne, for a quick and easy dinner.

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    Quick lasagne

    When you want to skip the béchamel sauce step, using cottage cheese and grated mozzarella can speed up the process. Enjoy the combination in this quick version of lasagne. Brett Stevens/

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