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Why these ready-made salads should be your go-to for an easy dinner

Local, fresh and produced used sustainable growing practices, these ready made salads are a lifesaver when you want a quick and healthy meal.

When you're time poor and leading a busy lifestyle, salads are a healthy, convenient option for an easy dinner. But, it's important to know where your food is from, especially when it's in a ready-made, raw form like a salad. To get a greater understating of the farm to table process, it's good to find out who farms the produce for your meals, to ensure it's local, fresh and sustainable.
Christine Cowell is an agronomist for GSF Fresh!, which means she works with over 30 growers across the country and helps to make sure their produce meets the highest food safety standards. She says a lot goes on behind the scenes to create the convenient, ready-made salads we're used to, and it's good to know a bit about the journey from the farm to the end of your fork. "It's great to introduce people to where their food comes from," Christine explains, "Especially because knowing the story behind your food can help you make informed decisions that are right for your family and the environment."
Sustainable growing practices that reduce environmental impact are a central part of the farm to table journey. Christine says their growers use integrated pest management systems to keep pesticides to levels that minimise risks to health and the environment. "IPM emphasises the growth of a healthy crop with the least possible disruption to eco-systems."
Christine tells us that all the salad greens grown by GSF Fresh! growers reach the supermarket within just 48 hours, which helps to ensure a crisp, fresh flavour. "By using state-of-the-art chilling techniques and following strict washing and packaging guidelines, we can ensure our salads are safe and ready to eat."
Whether you're getting creative or you just want an option where the only prep you need to do is to grab a fork, there are lots of great salads to keep an eye out for when you're next in the supermarket. With options spanning from simple salad greens to a gourmet ready-to-eat range, Christine thinks the products her GSF Fresh! growers create for Taylor Farms are an easy, fresh choice for any mood or occasion.
Their salads can be your go-to for:

When you’re in the fast lane

When you're busy, tired and just don't have the time to cook but you still want to enjoy a fresh, healthy meal, Ready to Serve salads can be a lifesaver. A cost effective and easy meal solution, ready-to-eat meals like Taylor Farms' salad bowls come complete with condiments, freshly prepared salad greens and delicious dressings. And because they're always developing new combinations and flavours, Taylor Farms' Ready to Serve range is a great choice for foodies.

When you need an easy idea

When all you need is a spark of inspiration, ready-made salads can provide a tasty and easy base to build a delicious meal. From crunchy Asian style greens packed with crispy wonton noodles and toasted almonds to fresh Mediterranean salads tossed with feta cheese and flat bread strips, Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits tick all the creative boxes. Their newly released Chopped Salad Kit Caesar features crispy diced lettuce and makes dinner prep easy. Just mix all the condiments together and it's ready for you to layer with chicken, bacon, egg or salmon to create your favourite version of Caesar salad.

When you need a fresh addition

When all you need is a sprinkle of greens to add a healthy finishing touch to your meal, baby leaf salads are the perfect solution. Often with a fresher texture and lighter flavour than their fully grown counter parts, baby leaves should be a go-to when you need a dose of greens. Taylor Farms Baby Leaf Kale & Spinach is super versatile and can be mixed through pasta, blended in smoothies or used as an easy base for summer salads.

When you’re feeling creative

When you want to get creative with your go-to recipes but you want to save on prep time, pre-cut vegetable packs are a winner. With cauliflower as the latest foodie go-to, Taylor Farms' Cauliflower Pearls, are a game-changer. With all the hard work done, you can fry, mash, sauté or bake to recreate your favourite recipes.