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Bowl yourself over with these Vietnamese pho recipes

The Vietnamese noodle soup pho is filled with all sorts of tasty goodies – and even better, you can whip it up for dinner in just 25 minutes or less! Try these three delicious and nourishing versions.

By Jo Wilcox
Using a quality store-bought stock – or better still, one you've made from scratch – will result in the best-flavoured pho (pronounced 'fuh') and a truly authentic brew.
Recipes and Styling: Jo Wilcox | Photography: Melanie Jenkins | Props: Natalie Hoelen
  • 1

    Vegetable and tofu pho

    Vegetarian pho lovers can eat their heart out with this tantalising recipe, which is packed with vegetables and tofu. Ginger and star anise lend their unique flavours to this variation of the Vietnamese noodle soup.


  • 2

    Chicken pho with lime and coriander

    This sharp, zingy pho is a wonderfully warming meal. With juicy strips of chicken, freshly wilted bok choy and the flavourful goodness of lime, coriander and chilli, a bowl of this noodle soup is an explosion of taste.


  • 3

    Beef and hoisin pho

    Overflowing with cabbage, mushrooms and red onion, this beef and hoisin pho is a sense-tingling variation of the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. Serve with generous toppings of coriander, crispy shallots and chilli flakes!


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