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Nadia Lim's best summer barbecue tips and recipes

Entertaining is a breeze in summer when it can all be done outdoors. Try these smashing recipes next time you’re feeding a crowd.

By Nadia Lim
Enjoy the last few weeks of summer with a classic Kiwi backyard barbecue. Sizzling steaks and sausies, fresh garden salads, juicy corn cobs and ice-cold drinks are a recipe for success when bringing friends and family together for afternoon antics. Nadia's barbecue menu is packed full of crowd-pleasers – even the little ones will be on board – and, as always, they're easy to prepare. And don't miss Nadia's summer barbecuing tips below to make sure your entertaining goes off without a hitch!
Recipes Nadia Lim. Styling Ashlee Quérée. Photography Todd Eyre. Special thanks to our backyard littlies, Millie, Ella, Winifred and Grayson.
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    Nadia Lim's herby apple slaw

    This salad is a perfect match for any barbecue dinner - fresh, flavoursome and so simple to whip up. Just what everyone needs on a long summer's evening!

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    Charred corn salad with creamy chipotle dressing

    There's nothing that says summer quite like a well-grilled corn on the cob, and this recipe will certainly bring the sun to your backyard. Pop them on the BBQ, then mix with fresh salad ingredients.

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    Orange and cumin marinated grilled chicken

    We can't get enough of this beautiful grilled chicken. Marinated in an incredibly flavoursome orange and cumin dressing, it's a succulent barbecue dish you can't pass up.

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    Rosemary, garlic and lemon marinated lamb chops

    Nadia Lim's rosemary, garlic and lemon marinated lamb chops are so delicious, especially when served with grilled lemon halves and a generous lashing of homemade hummus.

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    Plum and vanilla ambrosia with chocolate and cinnamon

    Spoon yourself a bowl of Nadia Lim's ambrosia for a dessert that will take you back to your childhood. The soft and pillowy goodness, filled with crunches of chocolate, is the summer dessert of our dreams.

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