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How to turn ice cream into a gourmet dessert your guests will love

Take your guests and your taste buds on a journey this summer with Kāpiti’s sensational new salted caramel and cashew ice cream. It's the perfect canvas for creating a dinner party dessert that's just a bit posh.

Kāpiti's relentless pursuit of taste has driven them to this game-changing new offering - a creamy caramel-flavoured ice cream with cashew praline pieces and a sassy salted caramel swirl. Its creamy yet salty notes make it luscious enough to stand alone, or you can take it a step further by elevating your scoop with an assortment of sides.
To transform a simple bowl of ice cream into a dessert you'll be proud to serve at your next dinner party, follow these three easy steps.

1. Choose a sauce

When it comes to levelling up your ice cream, a silky-smooth sauce is an essential first step. Kāpiti's salted caramel and cashew scoop pairs perfectly with a glossy pool of this espresso syrup, or try our chocolate miso sauce for a flavour match with a beautiful depth of flavour and extra hint of saltiness.

2. Play with texture

The next step to elevating your ice cream to a dinner party-worthy dessert is incorporating different elements of texture. Contrast the velvety ice cream by topping your dish with a piece of crisp biscotti, or opt for amaretti biscuits to add a delicate taste of almond. For a pop of crunch and colour, sprinkle some edible pearls over each dish.

3. Create your masterpiece

Finally, give your work of art height and dimension by adding a few finishing touches. Shards of hazelnut praline or our macadamia brittle are the perfect way to play with levels, or find some Persian fairy floss to add an element of artistic fun. If you can get your hands on some gorgeous edible flowers, place them on top for an elegant on-trend flourish.
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