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In season with Food Magazine: Feijoa

We’ve adopted and raised the south American feijoa as one of our own in New Zealand, and find endless enjoyment from its unique flavour.

By Sophie Gray

Need to know:

  • Different varieties of feijoa ripen at different times, so while each has a short season the overall availability lasts from March through to June.
  • Easily peel a feijoa with a teaspoon. Slice off each end then slip the spoon between the skin and the flesh, sliding it all the way around the fruit. When you pull the spoon out, the fruit will slip out in one piece ready to slice.
  • Feijoas will ripen a little once picked, but if you pick them too soon they will never be fully ripe.
  • The best way to pick feijoas off a tree is to hold them and gently pull – if they fall away easily they are ready to eat.
  • If you've eaten the flesh of a fresh feijoa, you can make juices and smoothies out of the skins – just trim off the tops and they're ready to use.
  • Feijoas are high in pectin so are excellent in jams and jellies, for their flavour and as a setting agent.

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Fresh, fruity and wonderfully light, this delicious feijoa colada recipe is the perfect Autumn treat to sit down and relax with.
For the perfect afternoon tea treat try this delicious feijoa ginger scones that are fantastic served warm with fast feijoa jam and cream.
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