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Healthy breakfast ideas to help you kick-start your day

Put a spring in your step with these healthy breakfast ideas. Whether you like sweet, savoury or smoothie, these recipes are packed full of nutrients and superfoods - and they're so scrumptious, you’ll look forward to getting up in the morning!

Want more healthy breakfast inspiration? Watch our easy how-to video and learn how to make nutritionist Natalie Brady's 'go-to' breakfast smoothie.
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    Acai breakfast bowl

    Acai berries contain very high levels of antioxidants, good-for-you fatty acids along with loads of essential vitamins and minerals - great for cardiovascular health and reducing cancer risk. This bowl is high in fibre to keep the digestive system and blood cholesterol levels healthy.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Smashed avocado and edamame on toast

    Add some oomph to avocado on toast with this delicious recipe. In a twist on the classic combo, edamame, avo, lemon and chilli are mashed and spread on grainy toast. Enjoy for breakfast, brunch or a hearty snack


  • 3

    Quinoa breakfast bowl

    Try this healthy quinoa breakfast bowl recipe that's packed with protein, antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and fiber. Serve topped with yoghurt and fruit for a delicious gluten-free breakfast


  • 4

    My Darling Lemon Thyme's green goddess smoothie

    Nothing makes you feel more virtuous than a green smoothie. In this recipe, avocado creates a creamy smoothie, while coconut water brings a subtle sweetness and adds a good dose of electrolytes

    New Zealand Taste|

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    Berry and coconut chia puddings

    This berry and coconut chia puddings are naturally sweet and packed full of the goodness of chia seeds to keep you fueled for the day. Enjoy a little pot for breakfast, dessert or a mid-morning snack.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Green goddess omelette

    Here's a new recipe to get really egg-cited about! Nici's light and fluffy green goddess omelette is a deliciously versatile dish that is perfect for breakfast or for dinner.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Fig and orange chia puddings

    Figs and chia seeds are sources of dietary fibre and protein, which make you feel full and are good non-dairy sources of calcium - making this the perfect breakfast dish to fuel your day!

    New Zealand Taste|

  • 9

    Muffin pan frittata

    This muffin pan frittata recipe creates the perfect low carb meal! Fill with any leftover veges you have on hand and serve for breakfast, lunch or a fuss-free dinner with relish and a fresh side salad


  • 10

    Purple power breakfast bowl

    Start your day the right way with this breakfast bowl recipe! This dairy-free, gluten-free smoothie bowl owes its bright purple hue to vibrant blueberries. Try it for your breakfast!


  • 11

    Healthy quinoa breakfast salad

    A quinoa and kale salad topped with a poached egg and dotted with edamame, radish, feta and herbs

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|