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Produce Guide: What's in season this December

Enjoy the freshest, cheapest and most nutritious fruit and vegetables this month, thanks to our helpful produce guide. Find out what is in season this December, and what recipes will bring out the best in each seasonal star.

By Harriet Keown

1. Raspberries

December really is the month of summer berries, and there is no berry we are more excited for than the raspberry. Anyone else think they taste just like Christmas? Try your hand at a spot of baking this month with our raspberry and white chocolate brioche recipe, which would go perfectly with a mimosa on Christmas morning. For a dessert showstopper, you have to try our rustic raspberry mille-feuille or this gorgeous Christmas Eton mess wreath - it's almost too pretty to eat! Plus, give your salads a pop of sweetness by adding raspberries to this vibrant green salad.

2. New potatoes

Baby potatoes are a delicious sign that summer has arrived, so make the most of your supply this month by creating a range of wonderful side dishes. This new potato salad is given a tasty edge with an easy mint pesto dressing, or these buttery potatoes are served with mint and courgettes for fresh flavour. If you're looking for a simple take-a-plate idea, combine your potatoes with asparagus, chicken and eggs for a salad that would go perfectly at a barbecue. It may seem like sacrilege to roast new-season jersey bennes, but try this crunchy, buttery recipe at your Christmas feast and it will all make sense!

3. Blueberries

Another berry to get excited about this month is the humble blueberry, which brings a lovely pop of sweetness wherever it goes. Get your day started with this beautiful blueberry breakfast brioche, or enjoy a sweet summer cool down with our blueberry cheesecake ice cream. Indulge in this impressive meringue layer cake, which is adorned with blueberries and other in-season delights, strawberry and rhubarb. You can also enjoy blueberries in our lettuce, goat's cheese and peach salad, which makes for a fresh and delicious summer dish.

4. Boysenberries

This delightfully tangy berry adds so much juicy flavour to summer dishes. Make sweet individual desserts with our recipe for berrylicious tarts, which combines a crunchy biscuit base with a creamy mascarpone filling and a layer of berries to top it off. You could also try using boysenberries in these luxurious berry and cheesecake iceblocks for a perfect hot-day treat, or in this divine plum and vanilla ambrosia, which is the summer dessert of our dreams.

5. Cherries

Cherries will be back on the shelves around mid-December, much to the delight of everyone who has spent whole summers cramming as many in their mouth as possible. As well as being delicious straight from the stem, cherries are also magical in many Christmas desserts, from this cherry and coconut tart to this mocha cherry pavlova. These little cheesecake bites are another treat made for a special occasion, or try these cherry mince pies for a wonderfully summery spin on Christmas mince.

6. Lettuce

Lettuce is no new kid on the block, but that juicy crunch heralds the return of barbecue side salads and balmy summer evenings. Experiment with your lettuce this month by using it in new combinations or jazzing up old favourites. This sweet chilli chicken salad bursts with flavour, and this barbecue grilled fish salad makes the most of New Zealand's fresh seafood. Try grilling romaine lettuce for this Caesar salad recipe, or get creative with these bunless bean and beef burgers.