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Craft beer lovers rejoice - Crowlers are the next big thing

Crowlers® are the best way we know to crack open a cold one, and the thriving craft beer community is exploding with excitement! Fine Wine Delivery Co. is the first NZ retailer to stock and ship Crowlers® nationwide, to ensure that Kiwis can enjoy their favourite drop of brew anytime, anywhere.

If you are wondering what on earth a Crowler is, then read on, because this smart innovation delivers the freshest beer in town and maintains the integrity of your favourite craft beer from the tap to your door! The best news is that Fine Wine Delivery Co. are making effervescent waves by offering their customers this exciting new way to enjoy top-notch beer every time.

What is a Crowler - and why should we care?

Canned craft beer is on the rise, and Crowlers® are making that happen. The 946 ml aluminum Crowler can is the perfect fill-to-order solution, allowing breweries to package their beers so you can enjoy them at their best at home, or at play. Simply choose the brew, fill to the top using a standard draft tap and secure with a resealable screw cap .
The Crowler was first established in 2013 in Colorado by Oskar Blues Brewery, in partnership with the Ball Technology and Innovation Center, with the mission to lead the 'craft brew in a can' movement. They discovered that their innovative packaging kept the craft beer fresher for longer using a unique sealing machine from Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry. After the launch, many breweries wanted to get their hands on this ingenious machinery - as Crowlers® are better for the beer and therefore, better for the consumer.
Luckily for us here in New Zealand, the family-operated Fine Wine Delivery Co. retailer are the first to offer Crowlers® to their beer-loving customers - and loving it we are! It's as simple as shopping online from award-winning boutique brews, one-off batches and fresh limited edition craft beers, which are then packaged and sent straight to your door. The unprecedented lid also contains an oxygen scavenger to prevent the dreaded oxidation of your beer after opening - so your bevy will be brilliant to the very last drop!

Refreshing & recyclable

Crowlers® can often get confused with 'Growlers,' which are commonly recognised as reusable brown glass jars (remember the good old flagon of beer?). Growlers do come with some downsides, proven to be difficult to keep sterilised, and a two-litre bottle can be a challenge to drink in one sitting to avoid the beer going flat or stale!
Move over Growlers, because Crowlers are taking the limelight, and rightfully so! Lighter, transportable, and with no chance of pesky UV light getting at your favourite brew, they make an excellent alternative. So enjoy your craft beer guilt-free, as Crowlers are made out of recyclable aluminium, making them an environmentally-friendly choice. The Fine Wine Delivery Co. label is so simple to remove, so consumers can recycle with ease.

Buying your beersies

The purchase process couldn't be more simple for the freshest craft beer delivery in town. Browse their website and pick from their ten rotating tap boutique beers, all hand-crafted and tested by a family operation of experts. The staff will then perfectly fill the Crowler and seal for ultimate freshness, followed by delivery directly to your door anywhere in New Zealand. Plus a Crowler keeps the beer fresh for up to two weeks and the resealable lid means you can enjoy your beer over the next few days with zero rush.
If you're craving something else, Fine Wine Delivery Co. has over 2000 wines, spirits and beers that are made instantly accessible with their new industry-first smart search capabilities. This innovative new search technology creates an intelligent, responsive user experience when choosing your next beverage. Simply type in the keywords in natural language, along with your price range (e.g. $30 silky, rich Pinot Noir), and the search will instantaneously process your request and spit out multiple options to satisfy your taste buds. And if you're just starting on your discovery of drinks, and not quite sure what you're looking for, then there's a Virtual Assistant to guide you through the choosing process. You'll experience the same type of expertise online, as you would if you came in store. We'll drink to that!
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