Kitchen Tips

8 Instagram accounts that will inspire you to be more sustainable in the kitchen

Fill your 'gram with beautiful pictures that will inspire you to create a more environmentally-friendly kitchen. We've rounded up our favourite sustainable Instagram foodies to help!

By Harriet Keown
Photo by Todd Eyre for Nadia magazine

1. Home-Grown Happiness

Hailing from a small section in the suburbs of Wellington, Elien of Home-Grown Happiness is doing what she can to provide her family with as much homegrown and homemade food as possible. Prepare to be flooded with pics of her lush vegetable garden and colourful produce, as well as the delicious homemade goodies she whips up.

2. GoodFor

Take yourself back to a time before plastic-filled supermarkets with a visit to GoodFor (or at least their Instagram feed!). The aesthetically-pleasing store creates a sustainable shopping experience with bulk-buy bins filled with staple pantry fillers and specialist earth-friendly goods, with reusable products to aid in the process.

3. The Eco Society

Inspired by a desire to help others live more earth-friendly lives, Krystal and Simon of The Eco Society created a blog and online store to promote conscious consumerism. The store offers a range of sustainable and ethical local products, working as a platform to help fellow Kiwis reduce their environmental impact.

4. Everybody Eats

In an attempt to reduce New Zealand's food waste, Nick Loosley founded Everybody Eats, a pay-as-you-feel restaurant which rescues perfectly-good food that would have otherwise gone to waste and uses it to feed the masses. Customers can pay anything from large donations to nothing at all for a nourishing three-course meal, creating a safe and welcoming place for people from all walks of life.

5. Little Bit Daily

Learn how to do your bit every day with the help of Raewyn and Kieron from Little Bit Daily, a zero-waste Instagram filled with intuitive ideas for being as sustainable as you can around the home. They also sell beautiful homemade soap keepers, made from either sustainably-sourced NZ pine or salvaged rimu floorboards.

6. Fair Food

New Zealand's first food rescue charity, Fair Food recovers surplus quality food from business donors, producers and retailers then re-distributes it where it is needed. These beneficiaries include refugee centres, community care centres, foodbanks and others who struggle to put food on the table - fulfilling Fair Food's purpose of feeding people, not landfills.

7. Poppy's Farmyard

If you've been waiting for motivation to start your own vegetable garden, herb garden or just one little pot of basil on your windowsill, Poppy's Farmyard is all the colourful inspiration you need. Pictures of vibrant fresh fruit, berries and veges, as well as awe-inducing shots of her bountiful garden will make you want to get straight outside and create your own.

8. CaliWoods Eco

After seeing the destructive effect of plastic even in the most isolated parts of the ocean, Shay Lawrence of CaliWoods decided to play her part in the reversal of human damage to the Earth with one simple product - the stainless steel straw. CaliWoods is also a platform for sustainable tips, other waste-free retail products, and many more ways to be inspired with eco goodness.