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5 Instagram accounts to follow for meal prep inspiration

Jazz up your lunchboxes with the help of these five colourful Instagram feeds, which are packed full of delicious (and beautiful) ideas for meal prep. Who said cooking in bulk had to be boring?

By Harriet Keown
Photo: Getty Images

1. Meal Prep Society

The holy grail of meal prep, Meal Prep Society posts photos shared by anyone trying their hand at food organisation, meaning the images are varied and meals diverse. Get inspiration from the many people in the 'global #mealprep community', then submit a photo of your own cooking to be shared!

2. Damn Delicious

The Damn Delicious insta' feed is a perfect place to find inspiration for your weekly meals, because all the recipes are, well, damn delicious. Founder Chungah Rhee even has a book on meal prep, so you can trust that she knows her stuff!

3. Prep with Alice

Alice Lu from Prep With Alice sure knows how to make an Instagram feed look enticing. Alternating immaculately arranged lunch containers with stunning shots of single dishes, Alice's account will make you wish your life was as efficient and aesthetically pleasing as hers appears to be.

4. Green Healthy Cooking

Get your daily dose of vegetables in one go with Green Healthy Cooking's meal prep ideas, which are made out of 95% unprocessed food and 100% tastiness. From salad bowls to curries, with little chocolate peanut butter bombs in between, Lorena's recipes are all you need to live a healthy, organised and delicious life.

5. Budget Bytes

Beth from Budget Bytes is here to show you how meal prep can help you keep your weekly grocery bill under your budget, without compromising on taste or nutrition. With recipes that are simple, inexpensive and unbelievably delicious, Beth's colourful feed will make you want to get in the kitchen, stat.