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How to turn popcorn into a healthy snack

Want to know how to take popcorn from a movie theatre snack to a superfood? We've got the top tips here.

Popcorn is comfort food at its finest, but foodies beware: to achieve healthy popcorn recipes, we must be creative. Microwave popcorn is loaded with horrid preservatives and mountains of sodium while homemade buttery popcorn may add some extra kilos.
So, what are popcorn enthusiasts to do? Get inventive, we say.
Here are five must-know popcorn hacks for nutritious snacking:

Invest in an air-popper

The healthiest way to eat popcorn is undoubtedly when it is air-popped. This is the healthiest start for special popcorn recipes — you can get incredibly creative with toppings and sauces.

Flavoured salts are the new butter

Flavoured salts are one of the hottest culinary trends, so the options today are endless. Don't waste your daily sodium allowance on table salt. From Peruvian chilli salt to savoury cinnamon, there are exotic salts that will make your popcorn experience thrilling.

Experiment with nutritious oils

Many of us foodies make the mistake of making butter or vegetable oil our base for popcorn toppings. Instead of extra virgin olive oil, try experimenting with coconut, pumpkin, walnut and avocado oils. You'll find that certain oils work best with certain toppings, so remember to take note.

Stock up on nutritional yeast

Try adding a few dashes of nutritional yeast atop your popcorn. The taste is lovely and cheesy and the extra nutrition is an added bonus.

Store your favourite popcorn toppings in containers

You're more likely to choose healthy toppings when they are close at hand. Here are some great flavour combinations:
Cinnamon / Sugar / Nutmeg + Walnut Oil
Paprika / Lime Salt + Coconut Oil
Parmesan Cheese / Oregano / Garlic Salt + Olive Oil
Paprika / Oregano​ + Hot Sauce + Olive Oil
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