Kitchen Tips

How to peel, slice and crush garlic with Nici Wickes

Nici Wickes shows us how simple it can be to quickly peel, slice and crush garlic in this video tutorial. Watch and see how easy it is master her foolproof method for prepping this pantry staple.

How to peel garlic

1 Remove clove from bulb and place on your chopping board, flat side down.
2 Cut off the pointed end of the clove.
3 Lay the flat side of you knife on top of the clove and squash down with your hand.
4 Peel off broken skin.

How to crush garlic

1 Peel garlic using method above.
2 Sprinkle a pinch of salt on top of the clove.
3 Hold your knife on an angle and use the tip to work the clove into a paste.
Use crushed garlic in Nici's baked orange and rosemary chicken thighs.

How to slice garlic

1 Peel garlic.
2 Slice cross wise as thin as possible, taking care to tuck your finger tips out of the way.
3 Discard the root end.
Sliced garlic makes this homemade focaccia sing.