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5 healthy work lunch ideas to get you through the week

Save some coin AND impress your colleagues with these nutritionally dense and easy-to-prep work lunch recipes. There's a healthy idea for every day of the working week - so you'll never go hangry again!

If you're in the habit of shelling out your hard-earned money for a salad, sandwich or soup at work each day, it might be time for a menu change-up. Getting into the routine of prepping your lunch the night before means you have no excuse to hit the bakery at midday – and you'll know exactly what ingredients you're putting into your body. These simple, healthy recipes will take you through the working week, so stock up on jars and containers, hit the supermarket and get chopping!

Monday: Miso bowl with your choice of veges

Create a work lunch that's easy, impressive and seriously delicious with this make-ahead miso bowl recipe. Prepare the night before and pop in any fresh green vegetables you have on hand - like broccoli, bok choy, asparagus or spinach, plus prawns, leftover roast chicken or tofu. Enjoy for a warming gluten-free meal that's perfect for cooler days.

Tuesday: Microwave scrambled eggs

This microwave scrambled eggs recipe is a lifesaver when you're short on time, the fridge is looking bare or there's a few sleeps left 'til pay day. All you need is a toaster and a microwave at work and you're sorted. Serve with tomatoes and avocado or spinach, pesto and feta also go well.

Wednesday: Leftover roasted vegetable wrap

This make-ahead wrap recipe is a must-try for vegetarians or anyone trying to cut down on their meat intake. Simply assemble at home, then pop in the sandwich press at work to get warm and cheesy. It's also a great way of using up leftover roast veges. Win win!

Thursday: Spring salad jar with leftover chicken

For a quick, healthy meal that's built to be eaten on the go, you can't beat a classic salad in a jar. This version is packed with spring-inspired vegetables, leftover roast chicken, nuts and herbs. Pop the homemade yoghurt dressing in a separate jar and then toss together when it's time to chow down at your desk.

Friday: Swedish toasted bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Ditch those soggy sandwiches and dig into a lunch fit for the end of the working week with this smoked salmon bagel recipe. Pack all the ingredients the night before then assemble at the office. Easy as that!
Recipes by: Tracey Sunderland.
Styling and photography by: Vanessa Lewis.
This originally appeared in NADIA magazine.
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