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Get prepared with these make-ahead freezer meals

Stack the freezer with these easy make-ahead meal recipes! Perfect for days when you just don't have time to cook, these recipes make it easy to eat homemade any night of the week.

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    How to freeze food

    The freezer is your friend! Follow these handy tips to make the most of leftovers and cut down on prep time in the kitchen, safely.

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    Classic chicken cacciatore

    Nourish your insides with this warm and hearty chicken casserole, simmered with a fragrant tomato and olive sauce. Serve it up for a family dinner with a side of mashed potato or pasta.

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    Beef and vegetable soup

    Warm up the family with this hearty beef and vegetable soup on a cold winter's night.

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    Roast pumpkin and spinach lasagne

    Switch things up tonight with this spin on the classic - sweet and hearty roast pumpkin and spinach lasagne! Perfect for the cooler nights, and full of flavour the whole family will love!

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    Freezer-friendly beef bourguignon

    This beef bourguignon recipe is not only packed with great Italian flavours, it's also perfect for freezing for up to 3 months. Ideal for ensuring you still eat home cooked meals, even when you don't have the time

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    Comforting vegetable and ravioli soup

    This freezer-friendly vegetable and ravioli soup is the perfect recipe to stash away for easy dinners when time just isn't up your sleeve. It's filled with chorizo, garlic and courgette for a nourishing and comforting meal

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    Julie Goodwin's lamb cacciatore

    Slow cooked to tender perfection, Julie Goodwin's wonderful lamb shank cacciatore is gorgeous served with creamy mashed potato to create a warming family dinner.

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    Freezer-friendly veal scallopini with salsa verde

    This Italian-inspired recipe sees golden veal scallopini served with a bright, tangy salsa verde. The best part? You can freeze the veal for an easy, delicious dinner when time is tight

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    Freezer-friendly green beef curry

    Enjoying a creamy, fragrant meal in a snap is easy with this freezer-friendly green beef curry recipe. Serve this warming dish with rice and extra basil for a dinner the whole family will love

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    Freezer-friendly minestrone soup

    Make dinner time a breeze with this freezer-friendly minestrone soup recipe. Enjoy hot off the stove or freeze for a quick and easy meal when you're pressed for time. Serve with bread and dig in!

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    Freezer-friendly Asian style slow-cooked pork shoulder

    Spiked with ginger and soy, this Asian style slow-cooked pork recipe is a winner. Serve with rice and steamed Asian greens or freeze and devour later on for a speedy dinner when you're short on time

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    Julie Goodwin's chicken korma

    Warm, hearty and wonderfully fragrant, this beautiful chicken korma recipe by Julie Goodwin is slow cooked for three hours to create intense Indian flavours and tender, moist meat that melts in your mouth.

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    Crispy fish cakes with mustard mayo

    Whether you're entertaining or looking for a quick and easy dinner, these freezer-friendly fish cakes have you covered. Serve with plenty of creamy mustard mayo

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