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Get creative with Yoplait Coconut Yoghurt

Yoplait Greek Style 2x Protein Coconut Yoghurt is not only delicious, it is the perfect way to add nutritious protein to your diet.

Rise and shine and get a good fix of protein and vitamin C with the Mango passionfruit and coconut lassi for a perfect start to your morning! Or liven up your mid-week lunch with our crunchy chicken salad in a crispy tortilla bowl, a satisfying meal when you are low on time. Discover the easy, creative ways Yoplait Greek Style 2x Protein Coconut Yoghurt can can add goodness and flavour with these mouth-watering recipes.
Click play and see how easy it is to create these fresh recipes for yourself. Scroll down to see the step-by-step instructions.
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    Coconut and lime beignets

    Master the art of making beignets with this fun recipe. Spiked with the tangy, tropical flavours of coconut and lime, these pillowy French doughnuts are an afternoon snack you'll love making.

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    Mango, coconut & granola parfait

    Upgrade your usual breakfast with this mango and coconut yoghurt granola parfait, which is packed with all the protein and vitamin C you need to fuel your day. Enjoy an explosion of fresh fruity flavours and put a spring in your step!

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    Mango, passionfruit and coconut lassi

    This mango passionfruit and coconut lassi is a delicious addition to a breakfast spread or afternoon snack. Whip it up in just five minutes and enjoy the unbeatable burst of tropical sweetness.

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    Crisp tortilla bowls with crunchy chicken salad

    This crunchy chicken salad is served in a unique and enticing way - in cute tortilla bowls. Bake the tortillas in muffin pans until they're crispy then fill with a colourful, zingy salad.

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