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12 cauliflower recipes that will make you never want to boil them again

Mild, nutty and versatile, cauliflower is winter's superstar vegetable. From classic cheesy dishes to warming curries and even healthy pizza bases, we celebrate the best cauliflower cuisine

  • 1

    Cream cauliflower and bacon soup

    There's nothing quite like the comfort of a warm bowl of soup in the winter, and this cream cauliflower and bacon recipe is no different. The silky texture and crispy bacon topping makes such an irresistible combination!


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    Warm jalapeno, cheese and cauliflower dip

    Creamy and cheesy with just the right amount of kick, this warm jalapeno, cheese and cauliflower dip is a fantastic appetiser or snack. Serve alongside our cheesy toasts for a delightfully crunchy dish.


  • 3

    Cauliflower soup with floret fritters

    This velvety soup is taken to the next level with a side of battered and fried florets! The delightful combination of smooth and crispy creates a dish that is sure to impress.

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  • 4

    Spelt pasta with silky cauliflower sauce

    Combining the nutty flavour of spelt pasta with our silky cauliflower sauce, this pasta dish is a wonderful idea for an easy dinner. It will be on the table in just 40 minutes, and is so tasty you'll be going back for seconds!

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  • 5

    Buffalo cauliflower

    These tasty little snacks make the perfect vegetarian addition to your next gathering. Rest assured no buffalo were harmed in the making of this dish. James Wirth shares his recipe from the cookbook This Could Get Messy.

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  • 8

    Gluten-free pepperoni pizza

    Who wants to eat gluten-free pizza if the base has the taste and texture of cardboard? It might sound strange, but using cauliflower for the base of this gluten-free pepperoni pizza totally works!

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    Cauliflower cheese fritters

    We know cauliflower has been expensive so for these fritters, Nici treated them like luxury, pairing with mozzarella and feta to create delicious fritters that are great served with relish or chutney.

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  • 10

    Whole baked cauliflower cheese

    Roasting a cauliflower whole helps bring out its nutty flavour. Add an aromatic herb rub and creamy cheese sauce to the mix, and it becomes a truly magnificent dish! Taking it out of the oven all golden and bubbling will also help to bring a sense of theatre to your table.

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  • 12

    Crispy oven-roasted spiced cauliflower and carrot

    Nici Wickes' crispy spiced cauliflower and carrot recipe is a healthy take on deep-fried Indian pakora and onion bhaji. Serve with poppadoms and dipping sauce for a tasty afternoon snack or starter

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