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Food magazine’s festive brunch menu

Set yourself up for the festivities with a light and bright brunch, which ticks all the boxes while leaving plenty of room for dinnertime indulgence.

A festive breakfast or brunch is a great way to make the most of that incredible Christmas feeling of bubbling happiness. It also provides another option for catching up with friends and family during such a socially busy time, allowing everyone to celebrate the day together right from the beginning. So get up with the birds and enjoy a relaxed yet delicious start to Christmas Day, thanks to Food magazine's Christmas brunch menu.
The prep for many of these dishes can be done in advance, leaving you more time to enjoy the festivities on Christmas morning. And the best part is, while these recipes will make your Christmas morning feel that little bit more special, they will all work for a treat on Boxing Day and beyond. The feasting doesn't have to end at midnight!

Savory ideas to get your day started

If you find savory breakfast dishes are the best way to wake up your senses, try these light and healthy ideas. This kumara, potato and chorizo hash unleashes a huge amount of flavour, is super easy to throw together, and looks mouth-wateringly good on your plate.
As soon as the day begins, you're allowed to tuck into your Christmas ham, right? We're convinced that this toasted sourdough with ham, asparagus, eggs and hollandaise will have you tearing open the ham bag early. Or if you're saving it for your midday feast, give our beautifully light roasted peach, beetroot and parma ham salad a go instead.
For a great vegetarian option, this Mexican-style corn can be whipped up on the barbecue in less than 30 minutes. As if fresh corn cobs could get any better - this recipe sees them smothered in lime, garlic, spices, mayo and cheese for endless tastiness.

Sweet dishes for a sugar-coated morning

If sweet is more your style, opt for one of these luscious dishes to satisfy your palate. These peach and vanilla yoghurt fools are fruity and creamy, but not too sweet to stop you going back for seconds. Or you could try our almond, banana and blueberry pancakes for a quick, easy and oh-so tasty dish.
Make the most of the season's beautiful fresh fruit with this delicious maple baked granola recipe, which is topped with a Greek yoghurt and a divine homemade strawberry and cherry compote. Or you could go all out with our incredible Christmas strawberry tiramisu, because we don't think there's anything wrong with being a little bit extra on Christmas Day.
Embrace the flavours of Christmas with these fruit and spice friands, which combine dried currants with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to create a festive treat that is too hard to pass up. Their delicious garnish of fresh cherries and spice syrup is just the cherry on top.

Stay topped up with these Christmas drinks

Make a toast to the beginning of the festivities by serving up a tall glass of tipple alongside your breakfast. Our tangy and bubbly raspberry mimosa is an easy drink to have up your sleeve when the occasion calls for cocktails, or our ginger ale and citrus punch is a sweet and zesty drink to ease you into your morning.
While including an alcoholic beverage is a nod to the celebratory aspect of the day, you could also make an elegant booze-free drink option. The fresh fruit juice in our watermelon stinger is delicious served simply with soda and sugar syrup, making it perfect for kids or anyone wishing to take it slow.
Or you could include a smoothie in your Christmas brunch menu, which can deliver a much-needed pick-me-up for those who began the celebrations on December 24. Try our avocado and banana concoction for a feel-good and health-kicking start to the day.