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12 deliciously sweet walnut dessert recipe ideas

What better way to celebrate nutritious, omega-3 rich walnuts than adding them to a naughty dessert? From cakes to muffins to puddings and biscuits, these walnut recipes are sure to go down a treat.

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    Maple walnut muffins

    Nici Wickes' maple walnut muffins-masquerading-as-cupcakes are irresistible. Take this delicious recipe even further with homemade maple cream cheese icing

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    Walnut and caramel tart

    This tart is super-simple to make and whenever I serve it up for friends, they always ask for the recipe. It’s the most divinely textured and flavoured tart and perfect as a dessert or anytime sweet treat!

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    Walnut bubble biscuits

    Deliciously moorish, these sweet biscuits are packed full of chewy dried fruit and crunchy walnuts. Perfect served fresh out of the oven and shared with loved ones.

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    Crunchy walnut wafers

    Crunchy, buttery and deliciously crispy, Nici Wickes' walnut wafers recipe is the ultimate sweet treat for friends and family to enjoy with a hot cup of tea or coffee

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    Paleo pumpkin and walnut bread

    This fluffy Paleo pumpkin and walnut bread recipe creates a beautiful morning or afternoon snack that's great served spread with your favourite nut butter and sprinkled with fresh blueberries

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    Coffee, sour cream and walnut cakes

    Coffee and walnuts are old friends. In these cute little cakes, the sour cream adds an extra richness and ensures a wonderfully moist crumb. The recipe makes 8 small cakes or 10-12 muffins.

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    Walnut Tart

    This gorgeous walnut tart is packed full of crunchy nut pieces and a sweet, tasty filling. Serve yourself a big slice of this decadent dessert with a mug of your favourite coffee.

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    Walnut and oat crackers

    Have you ever made your own crackers? It’s easy, fun and economical – Nici Wickes' recipe yields plenty of walnut oat crackers. These store well and stay crisp and fresh for at least three weeks

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