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Cosy carrot soup recipes

Sweet in flavour and vibrant in colour - carrot soup is the perfect antidote to winter's chill! Dig into these tummy-warming recipes including carrot and ginger, carrot and cumin and carrot and feta

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    Carrot Soup

    These hearty and healthy soups combine practicality with great taste.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Carrot, red lentil and orange soup

    Red lentil and carrot soup has long been a favourite ingredient combo, not only for its beautiful flavour but also for its use of simple, cheap ingredients. Created by Emma Galloway for Taste magazine

    New Zealand Taste|

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    Roast carrot soup with coriander pesto

    This roast carrot soup features the anti-inflammatory spice turmeric to create a nourishing and delicious dinner, plus it's topped with a homemade coriander pesto

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|

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    Carrot soup with feta & quinoa

    With feta, herbs and quinoa, this is not your average carrot soup. Photography by Bauer Syndication.

    New Zealand Taste|

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    Roasted carrot and cumin soup

    Creamy, warming and packed full off fresh vegetables, this roasted carrot and cumin soup is perfect for a cool Winter's evening. Top with fresh cream and chives and serve with toasted bread to create a winning meal.

    Woman's Day|

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    Spiced carrot soup with smoked almonds

    Carrot soup is always a family favourite. We've modernised this this version and packed it with spices and served it with smoked almonds, coriander and sliced red onion.

    Australian Women's Weekly|