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Decadent coffee dessert recipes

Getting your caffeine fix has never been more delicious. From cakes, puddings and tarts to biscuits, sponges and slices - these coffee desserts are sure to get you buzzing.

  • 1

    Coffee, sour cream and walnut cakes

    Coffee and walnuts are old friends. In these cute little cakes, the sour cream adds an extra richness and ensures a wonderfully moist crumb. The recipe makes 8 small cakes or 10-12 muffins.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 2

    Coffee cheesecake with candied walnuts

    Nici Wickes' coffee cheesecake recipe with candied walnuts is easy to make, and the taste and texture is just superb. Serve with extra whipped cream for a truly decadent dessert

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 3

    Easy affogato

    Scoops of vanilla ice cream are “drowned” in strong roasted espresso coffee in Nici Wickes' version of this Italian favourite. The hot-cold combination is deliriously good

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 4

    Coffee friands

    Enjoy a bite of heaven with these light and fluffy homemade coffee friands. They are gorgeous enjoyed with your mid-morning or afternoon coffee as a relaxing treat with friends.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 5

    Caramel latte tart with coffee cream

    Lush, sticky and decadent, what's dessert without caramel? This clever pie recipe transforms the delicious flavours of a caramel latte into a glorious tart that's perfect for any sweet occasion

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 6

    Coffee and walnut cheesecake slice

    Nici Wickes' recipe for coffee and walnut cheesecake slice is simply heaven and can easily double as a dessert

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 7

    Coffee log

    This is a nice alternative to a classic chocolate log.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 10

    Terrific tiramisu

    For so many people, tiramisu is simply irresistible when on a menu. This Italian favourite is an easy dessert to put together, so try it in your own kitchen. Just imagine, tiramisu anytime – now that’s dangerous!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 11

    Coffee snaps

    Sweet, golden and crunchy, these beautiful coffee snaps are brilliant enjoyed with a hot cuppa for afternoon or morning tea.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 12

    Banana and coffee cake with caramel sauce

    This moreish banana and coffee cake is a heavenly treat for dessert, especially when drizzled with our indulgent caramel sauce. Bananas create a gorgeous texture, and the hit of coffee adds a lovely rich flavour.


  • 13

    Mocha dessert roll

    This rich, but not too-sweet, mocha roll is one of Anneka Manning's favourite desserts from her cookbook 'BakeClass'. It's perfect for entertaining, and it's much easier to make than you’d expect!


  • 14

    Coffee eclairs with vanilla cream

    Create a bakery favourite at home with this delicious coffee eclairs recipe. These creamy, coffee-spiked treats are the perfect weekend indulgence


  • 15

    Chocolate, coffee and avocado mousse

    Combining the heavenly flavours of chocolate and coffee with the silky smooth texture of avocado, this mousse is a delicious idea for dessert. Whip up a batch for a sweet treat that is ready in just 15 minutes.