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10 gingerbread recipes that taste like Christmas

Get creative in the kitchen during the lead up to Christmas with these gorgeous spiced gingerbread recipes! They make such a thoughtful idea for gifts, decorations or sweet treats on the day - there's nothing better than homemade.

By Harriet Keown
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    Gingerbread creations

    Gingerbread creations brought to you by New Zealand Woman's Weekly

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    Easy gingerbread house

    Yes, we admit there is some time investment involved here and you'll need to start this recipe the day before, but trust us; creating a festive-feeling gingerbread house doesn't have to feel like a renovation from hell.

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    Gingerbread rings

    Make these cute and colourful gingerbread cookies for the family, a children's party or to give as gifts. They can be made up to 4 days ahead.

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    Gingerbread Biscuits

    Alexa Johnston gets you out of the mall and into the kitchen to craft delicious edible Christmas gifts.

    New Zealand Taste|

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    Reindeer and gingerbread men Christmas cookies

    These adorable reindeer and gingerbread men cookies are perfect to give as gifts at Christmas time, or to serve alongside dessert after your lunchtime spread for a cheeky sweet treat.

    Woman's Day|

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    Mini gingerbread houses

    These mini gingerbread houses are a kid friendly project that will get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

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