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16 sensational orange cake recipes

Brighten up your day with a thick slice of citrusy orange cake. From classic orange syrup cake to gluten-free versions, these recipes are sure to hit the spot.

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  • 1

    Orange and poppyseed syrup cakes

    This delicious recipe uses yoghurt and almond meal to create moist, fluffy cakes that are perfected with the orange, honey and cardamom syrup that's spooned over the top

    Woman's Day|

  • 2

    Orange cake

    This true orange-flavoured treat is easy to make. Cranberry and orange is a flavour match made in heaven.Photography by Todd Eyre.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 3

    Orange and pomegranate cake

    This moist and tangy cake is a version of a cake by one of my favourite food writers, Diana Henry. Delightfully zingy and topped with a gorgeous orange and pomegranate syrup, this recipe is always a winner!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 4

    Gluten-free orange syrup cake

    Syrup cakes are popular in many parts of the world, using local spices or fruit to add moisture and flavour. This orange flavoured gluten free version is light and delicious. Enjoy it on its own or with a little whipped cream.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 5

    Ruffle cake with tamarillo and orange

    This ruffle cake with tamarillo and orange is easy to make and magical in its crunchy and soft custardy texture. Paired with tamarillo, it’s perfect for dessert.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 6

    Orange patty cakes

    Butterfly cakes are a classic plate at kids' parties. This recipe updates a simple packet cake mix with orange zest, and the little cakes are topped with strawberries for a special finish.

    Recipes Plus|

  • 8

    Orange-choc loaf

    Nici Wickes highlights just how good orange and choc are together in this recipe. Using almond meal and flour ensures a moist cake that stores well. Adding chocolate takes it from loaf to super-loaf!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 10

    Orange chocolate cake

    This indulgent cake is every chocolate lover's dream. Filled with a delicious combination of orange marmalade and mascarpone and topped with ganache and chocolate shavings, it's a dessert that everyone will adore.


  • 11

    Orange marmalade cake

    For a delightful afternoon treat, serve this cake with butter for spreading and a pot of tea.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 13

    Orange drippy syrup cake

    This orange version of pineapple upside-down cake is lovely – syrupy, sweet and satisfying.

    Australian Women's Weekly|